Forex Risk & Money Management Calculator

Risk %

My account balance is $  USD

I'd like to risk no more than   %   of my account at any moment.

You can risk no more than $ USD at any moment.

 This means that your Stop loss should be within the above risk limits.

Stop loss

I'll be trading with:  

Your maximum Stop Loss distance for should be no more than:

pips when trading with Standard lots, where the pip value is $ USD
pips when trading with Mini lots, where the pip value is $ USD
pips when trading with Micro lots, where the pip value is $ USD

 This is the maximum distance in pips for all Stop Loss orders combined.
E.g. if you open several trades, the sum of all Stops should be still within the above limits.

Lot size

Your optimal lot size is:

Standard lots
Mini lots
Micro lots

 This means that in order to abide by money management rules, you shouldn't open more lots than recommended above.
At the same time, no need to open the maximum number of lots available. Stay within the comfortable limit.

1 Standard lot = 100 000 units
1 Mini lot = 10 000 units (or 0.1 standard lots)
1 Micro lot = 1000 units (or 0.01 standard lots)


My leverage is    : 1

I want to open    

$ USD will be set aside as a Used Margin.

Your Available Margin after that will be $ USD

Margin Call

Under the above conditions:

$0 USD account,
0:1 leverage,
and 0 open of

If I were to hold onto a losing trade for too long,

How many pips can the market move against me before I get a margin call?

It'll take pips to bring your available margin to Zero and get a margin call.

 A margin call causes a mandatory automatic closing of your open trades in order to prevent the account from going beyond the available margin. As a result can lose a considerable portion of your account balance.
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