Forex trading strategy #10 (H4 Bollinger Band Strategy)

Current strategy was submitted by Joe Chalhoub.
Thanks Joe, and happy trading to everyone!

H4 Bollinger Band Strategy

Tools : Bollinger Bands(20)
TimeFrame : H4
Currency : ALL

This strategy is extremely simple and I use it to detect opportunities and it is very good.

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Exactly as you said, ladyheart.

Here is a screenshot.
Just few examples there: follow the arrows.

4h Bollinger band Forex system


edward, could u please explain what does it means by -

"look at the bollinger band upper and lower, if they are both opened which means upper band is UP and lower band is DOWN, then it is a confimation of a trade." in H4 Bollinger Band Strategy (Part II)? or anyone here could help? with a picture would be appreciated.



To guard against false signals, BB signals won't be enough. You'd need another indicator which has no similar weaknesses.

You may also want to check this trading system, which uses price/candlesticks to select good trades:
Teodosi's simple system


I use this system which I found it good. However how do u guard against false trends where there might be candles of green and red before it suddenly move in the opposite direction?

Hi joe thx for your tips one doubt (i am using MT4 PLATFORM)
what about setting like Deviation ? shift and Apply to(default is close)

this method is nor realistic or useful. you have said nothing new about bollingers.

Dear trader check my second bollinger band strategy, you will find it very useful, I hope you profit from it as I did.

Joe Chalhoub

what % percentage margin do u use?. thanks

Do you use this strategy only for EUR/JPY or you use it with other pairs. If it is used with only EUR/JPY, can you explain to me if there is any reason for this. This look quite promising and i am really willing to give it a go. will definitely get back to you on this.

Thanks for sharing.

seems like this does not work well once the market starts to trend.


I hope to share the inside day bollinger formation I mentioned earlier soon.

Thanks Joe.
I just stumbled into your strategy post and cant agree less with you on this strategy,cos I've used it severally and it has worked like magic for me.
In my opinion,the bollinger band is the most potent of all indicators,excluding candle formations.
I have a similar strategy to this which has a lot to do with inside day bollinger band formation.
great job.

I submitted new technique which is an extension of this one, and sure I use the Bollinger Band which is a great indicator, I tried all combinations of indicators but none of them helped me as Bollinger Band did. My new posted technique is [H4 Bollinger Band Breakouts] it explains where and when to enter a trade try it and be familiar with it and in the future I will post a new technique on where to exit a trade and extract from the market the maximum pips we can.



What other signals do you use to confirm the trade?

Also on my charts I have the option of exponential or simple bollinger bands - Which one would be better?

I have looked at your website but can't find any info about this technique!

Thank you


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