Forex systems and ideas for trading with MT4 custom indicators

Even if your broker doesn't offer MetaTrader4 platform or you never tried MT4 before, see how you still may benefit from this collection of ideas and systems.

Also, the same page will tell you how to add custom indicators to MT4 and provide the list of MT4 Brokers.

A good friend of mine has been persuading me for some time now to look closely at MT4 platform and, in particular, at its feature of trading Forex with customized indicators.

Recently I have received another such reminder together with a couple of good systems based on custom MetaTrader4 tools.

And here the idea was born. I'm glad to open another systems block dedicated to MT4 custom indicators.

I'd like to state that majority of Forex systems posted at this block, won't be mine, as well as custom indicators they use (which I will share with all of you). They were developed by other traders and posted online.
My goal is to deliver best Forex systems to you, so that your trading and learning experience will be exiting and eventually resulted in profitable and confident trading.

Shall we start?
Below are strategies and ideas that captured my attention:

To your trading success!

Forex Strategies MT4: