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Advanced system #13 (The Floor Trader System)

Yesterday I've got another great feedback from one of our readers - Rahul.
He writes:

Hello Edward,

I think you are a very noble person because you are doing great work here helping newbies and also dispelling the popular myths about trading to show ppl the reality. I think you have a very good heart. Thank you for helping all our brothers and sisters out there in the forex world.

I have found a strategy which is the real thing .... it has been used by a contemporary of Denis Richard and used by many professional traders who have made millions from it.

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Just a quick update; Stil going great, best strategy i've come across (for my personal trading style)... Since its going so succesfully i was wondering if anyone would like to join me in live trading over Skype chat, 7.30-12.30 UK time so we can look for potential setups and chat, just as something to do. I get bored :) Since March the 3rd, my account has more than doubled again, i'm now at £15,493! Starting with £4k or so two months ago.


Hi, David

I too have been having some succes with this strategy. If you would like you can e-mail me and we can set sumthing up.

[email protected]

Hi David

I think chatting on skype live is a very good idea, what is your nick name there?

I trade the 123 setup, iv seen many trades that this system could of got me in slighty earlier, its basically my NO2 that you getting in. Would love to trade with you as those times are my favourite.

Oh, you can see my strategy on simple systems NO13A

Cheers Lino

Hey David, on average how many trades do you do a day? Do you use entry orders? If your stop loss is so tight you probably close the trades manually hey? Most brokers doesn't allow entries so close to market price. Secondly, why don't you trade in the afternoon? Lastly I would like to join your skype live chat while trading, what's your skype nickname. How do you sleep at night knowing your doubling your money every month?, you probably know how the growth curve looks, if you continue doing so good you literally be a gazzilionaire in no time. Haha

Lino - Yeah sounds good, i've read up on 123 setup so i'd be interested in having a look into that aswell, especially in the time-frame you use and what you consider to be the 'best' waves. So yeah it would be good to chat. My skype is; Tayloredz

- Haha, i think about 1-2 trades per day but i have no statistic. As for the stop, i close them manually at a very set level, if it hits it i'm out no arguement, i also place a stop loss of 20 on all trades as an insurance. I don't trade in the afternoon because i gap trade the Nasdaq 2.30 US open for 2 hours.
And i sleep through closing my eyes and letting melotonin do its work ;) And i think the larger the capital the more limitations there are to doubling monthly, i think certain problems will arise, my target is always 16% per month since i started so its going very well!

What pairs are you guys trading? I've been trading eur/usd and it's been going well, I use a profit level of 3-4 times as the amount I risked and set my stop at breakeven when I'm in profit as much as I risked initially. As for the ftse 100, this has been more difficult. What pairs do you think is the best for this strategy? I think if you only look to catch one good trade on the 5 min eur/usd per session with this strategy you'll do great. I've been trading it gmt 7:30 to 12:30 as David suggested ad it is truly going amazing. Good luck to everyone.

Coenraad Lubbe

Has anybody figured out what the "Crossback Top" and "Crossback Bottom" phrases refer to?

How do we measure if the trade has travelled the height 2x of the set up distance? Can someone give an example? Very much appreciated! Thanks!