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Complex trading system #22 (Dynamic Gains System Original)




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Definitely he wants to be paid for proper parameters and other stuff,, as he mentioned at the bottom of his describing.

Anyone with good result using it ????


hi all,
i downloaded all the indicators into my trading platform ,but i'm having problem attaching them to my chart, the indicators refused to attach to the chart, somebody please help.
Williams .Nigeria

Hello folks.

The version 2.0 of the Dynamic Gains EA is a SEMI EA only for a "trading help".

It is not for fullautomated trading.
Don't try to use it as a fullautomated tool because you will gonna lose miserably !!!

In the explanation about the EA there i've wrote that the EA has to be used as a - SEMI EA -
this means an - HALF EA -

SEMI means - "HALF automated".

If the Dynamic Gains System EA version 2.0 will be used full-automated you will gonna lose terribly.

You need the version 2.1 of the Dynamic Gains EA.
The Version 2.1 will be free and will be included,
if you will take part to the 5 day mentoring programme that we offer.

Also the complete manually system needs specific updated settings to work perfectly and it is advisable to take part of the Forex trading mentoring programme if you don't have much experience in trading.

I am sure that if you will take part on the mentoring shoolarship, you
will have the best possibilitys to learning the behaviour of the Forex markets
and to get as much as profitable as you can be
in trading the Fx markets.

I hope folks, that you can understand that the effort and the time that i will need to teach every single one of you can not be costless.

But anyway,

Thank you for your amazingly interest in the Dynamic Gains Strategy.
In my opinion this strategy is one of the strongest and i know that it
has a 90% winnig rate if the settings and the manner of using it
will be done right.
But it needs teaching and education.

Thank you very much for your interest.

Maurizio Fallico
chief strategist

Hello my name is Daniel Henning and i have to say one thing,
to this guy and this thing is, thank you so much mister Fallico.
Thank you for the mentoring i could have and thank you for the things i could learn from you.
I've thought there is no way out of my struggling in trading but the things i've learned from you now after the mentoring are incredible. Thank you Maurizio you are the only one i have found since i have started trading 2 years ago, that shared me right how to trade like a pro.
I am so glad i could know a person like you.
Thank you so much ! I never thought to find a system powerfull like that.
I thank the allmighty God that let me trust in your words and in your teaching.

Daniel Henning

repainting is current trend index


repaint is haıken ashi MTF İndicator

Yes thats right.It is the Heikin Ashi MTF !
This system is a fantastic and amazingly absoulute powerfull system.
Realy nothing repaints! The Current Trend Index indicator (called CTI) is just and only the Heikin Ashi Priceaction projection of the average price bars - (Candels) of the Higher timeframes that is shared in the same timeframe trough that indicator.

Fantastic Strategy ! No question !

Yes i have taken also part to the Shoolarship of that guy.
Trust in me guys...
If this guy would be a scammer or an idiot i would post everything about what that guy teached but i can not do such a thing !
I couldn't look in the mirrow again.

I now the forex buisness since 3 years till now, but i learned so much unbelievable powerfull things from that person, this guy changed my trading behaviour COMPLETELY !
I learned where my mistakes are and how to avoid them. There are so amazingly strong systems
this guy teached me. Oh my good.
Guys if you want to becomme profitable in forex you have to take part to that teaching programme that this man offer to the public. It is a blessing !

In my opinion this Person and because of the amazing things that he teached me, i think realy this one is one of the most wanted Traders in the whole world. This is my personally opinion.
This guy must be some Hedgefund manager or some bankster. Something like that.
He pushed me from struggling to an amazingly and unbelievable Gaining attitude in just 5 DAYS
of mentoring!
This is so incredible.

Now i've realy understood the significance and the words of " KNOWLEDGE IS POWER ".

Thank you Maurizio.
I can't find words to thank you.