Complex trading system #23 (Hamilton Forex System)

Submitted by Ashur

Hello everyone, today I will be submitting the only system you will ever need to consistently succeed in forex without having to be on your computer all day. This system allows you to go out and have an extra source of income without having to worry about how you're going to make it in the forex markets.

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?????Start trading at the age of 13?????

Hello Ashur, I have seen a lot of traders in my life and i have yet to see that one trader that made it to become consistently profitable (or a millionare,....or a billionaire) with all those indictors on a chart. Not trying to pull punches on your dreams here but especially in my case and many other cases i can tell you that its just not the way. We all know by now that indicators lag behind price (thats step #1) Actually a candle that is closing on whatever timeframe is also lagging price (Thats step #2), actually price forming on your chart is already lagging too (Thats step #3). Let me put it this way: If you and i are playing a game of tennis and we are standing straight ahead of eachother and i hit the ball from my right to your left,....where should you already be??? You see, we are all teached to follow, follow me, follow the trend, follow the indicator, follow the breakout etc. etc. instead of already being at that one place where price is bound to come back to.

it's hard to get the method , can u explain more? thank u

It is difficult to backtest this strategy.


If you think have a good strategy and do not know to automated it in MQL4 just email me [email protected].

Below is one of my strategy which is automated

Nice to meet all.

Good grief, man, how do you see the candlesticks with all the "art on the chart"? It sure is pretty, but I'll stick with pure price action.

One thing I dont get, we need to use both Oanda and MT for this to work? Cant we just use the steps you gave for MT alone for Metatraders.

When you enter a BUY signal for example and then you see a SELL signal. This is telling you that the overall trend is BUY, but there is a minor SELL retracement that is going to take place. So in this case you can leave your BUY position OPEN as a long term trade and enter the SELL position to get those pips on the retracement.


Hi Ashur,

For how long have you used this strategy in the live account?

How many trades can one have on yearly basis?


Ashur, congratulations on the hard work, and your willingness to share is appreciated. The system is fairly complex but the video made it easier to follow and set up. One question: Currently the EUR would be poised for a sell off...the 4H charts and the 1 Day chart all confirm it. What do you do if you put an order in to sell at the bottom of the previous red candle and when the price is very near, the 4H chart shows one or more of the MA's dip below the COG. Do you still allow the order to trigger? Thanks.

Hi Ashur,

Nice strategy.
One question, Suppose you go long in one pair, after some days/weeks I see sell signal, then in that case do I close the initial long trade or let it run as it is?



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