Developing a system #16 (40 pips per trend)

Submitted by Yantz

Hi Edward!

I have written a small ea that needs some tweaking. perhaps adding some indicators would be good. basically it just wait for the price to move 60 pips then enter for another 40 pips.

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Do we need to delete the EA on our platform and reload the one you've just attached.

Out of interest what was the bug? Was it something that effected trading signals?


Hi. I've probably missed something really obvious here but I just wondered. Are people going to get different trades depending on when they have turned on their computer or EA. For example - if someone has been running the EA and just had a long signal their next signal has to be a short and it will therefore ignore the next long signal if that comes first. However if I just turn on the EA my EA is not going to know this and will pick up on the long signal where as the EA already running wont. The two EA's would then be taking differing alternative trades. Would this happen or have I missed something?

Hi Yantz,

How long have you been running/testing this? Recent posts show very good daily results i.e yesterdays +140. I was wondering whether you had experienced losing days, runs of losing days etc in the past? (in other words worst drawdown)

I noticed you added adx at some stage. Aside from that have you kept the inputs the same throughout testing?

Having just started I will leave the system as is for a week to make sure its producing same results as you then I will try to run it across a number of different demo's (if my computer can handle it!) with different parameters. I like to give things a month or two before changing inputs to give decent representation of performance. If I don't run different demos at the same time it will take a year just to try out 6 different inputs!!!


To add in case it helps!! - when I push Compile it seems to state that no errors etc in toolbox at the bottom but does not register. From what I can see in the user guide it should automatically be added as a subsection to Expert Advisors in the navigator box. However this is not happening. Oddly when I go direct from my platform and right click on 'create' in the navigator box it opens metaeditor, allows me to input some details (such as expert name) and creates a new heading under the expert advisor heading in the navigator box. However when i just click on the link which automatically opens in metaeditor and try and compile nothing seems to be happeneing. This is on my demo platform. Any help would be appreciated - thanks, Justin

Hi Yantz,

Thanks for your help. Really looking forward to trying it out.

Ahh, thanks Yantz, after putting on the correct folder works.

thanks, and i'll keep an eye out on this forum to see more features or add-on in the future.


Sorry to be a pain but I've never downloaded or created an expert advisor before and I seem stuck on getting it running. I already have metatrader downloaded. I click on your link and open which it does in MetaEditor. I then clicked on complile. At this point I don't know what to do. Philipp mentioned go to the folder where this is located and search for the file. I am not sure how to go about this. I have tried searching using search facility in metaeditor but it says 'file not found'. Not sure if I am in the right place. Any ideas??

Many thanks in advance,

OK I will begin testing this on all kind of charts and pairs. I have it on e/u on the 5 min for scalping and so far it has netted 2 winning trades for 10 pips each but I am just beginning with it. I will help you guys out

so far on the 5 min I have 75, 10, 20

will go to higher charts and different pairs

HI Yantz!

I just downloaded your indicator and compliled it. I want to give it a try but it doesn't seem to want to attach to the chart. I see it under custom indicator in MT4. what am I doing wrong..sorry, this is my first time using MT4.



Thank you for the info Philipp

OK a few questions here so I can help test this EA out.

1. What timeframe is this developed to work with?
2. If any do I need to change the minimum moves or anything?
3. If this is played on like 1-15 min charts does the T/P and S/L need to be changed

TIA for answers

Thank you Yantz. I will test out your ea once I get this MT4 working with my micro account. ;-)

Hello Yantz, Yes I used 60 40 60 and could have gotten more. Amazing pair. Thanks again and Ill try to test it more. Good trading Darrell

To load the EA into you MT4 you just open the downloaded .mq4 file (if you have installed MetaTrader it should open with Meta Editor) and press compile. Then go to the folder where this .mq4 file is located and search for a file named exactly as the .mq4 file (in this case yantz_swing_v1.3.mq4) but with .ex4 as ending. this .ex4 file you place into your expert folder which is located in your MetaTrader folder. Then (re-)start your metatrader.

Hapy trading,


Hi Yantz, how you get MT4 for FXCM Micro? I'm new to forex and just opened a live account with FXCM Micro, but I get the regular trading station.


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