Developing a System #3 (Dachel's trading system)

Hello, My name is Dachel and I developed a system this week which looks very nice. Maybe we can improve it a little bit more coz im still on backtesting and is not yet the final system. it is.

I used (IBFX) to perform the back test.

Here's the deal.

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what pairs do you trade with this strategy
what is the stoploss and take profit.


Can you please document likely % win rate and profit to loss ratio per trade ?



good boy well done.its great
best of luck

Im not using the 8h chart but the 4h

If you are using 8 hour candlestick chart, which candle in EST will you use as 06:00am?

Please express in EST and GMT.

No problem,
UK is currently on GMT+1 (daylight offset)
Thus, 06:00 UK hours = 05:00 GMT
14:00 UK hours = 13:00 GMT
22:00 UK hours = 21:00 GMT

Good luck with your system!

Thanks for your answer Roger. Anyway i don't live in UK. I live in Ghana which uses GMT+1 and the system which i am testing requires me to get the hours i listed above, that is why i need to know the exact time in GMT.

Please help me convert them to GMT for my understanding.

If you live in UK, no need to convert anything. Your time zone currently has +1 hour offset due to daylight savings. Forex market also trades according to such daylight saving time. So you are fine with the hours as is.

You may always check your time against a well know resource of Forex market hours.


Hi everyone,
i am a little bit confuse about time conversion, can anyone please convert the following times in UK to GMT?

06:00 UK hours
14:00 UK hours
22:00 UK hours
Please help me convert them to GMT.

Hi Dachel,

Thank you for additional good research done!
In order to add more images, please send them to

and we will gladly post them here. Thank you.

Happy trading!

Hello everyone and sorry for the delay, Im here to clear all the doubts within the system. I did not know how to upload an Image here but anyway I will give you the link so you can see it at anytime.

Click for a full size image:
Forex trading strategy

Also I did a backtest for the whole 2006 and this is the results (consider the 2006 was not a very profitable for must of systems) But as I said still under development.

Good luck to all of you with this and I'll keep you updated with new ideas and improvements.

Jan: -447
Feb: +458
Mar: +63
Apr: +231
May: -153
Jun: -106
Jul: +383
Aug: +622
Sep: +60
Oct: +194
Nov: -7
Dic: +302
TOTAL: 1598 Pips

what do U mean by channel?can U plz explain how to draw the channel to know if it is more or less than 200 know where we can place our stop loss ans take profit.Thanks.

It is a nice strategy. I use it for trading commodities especially Gold. It's great.

1- is there any recommended pairs?
2- the candle we are looking for is that which start at 4:00 GMT and close at 7:59 GMT? please correct if i am wrong
thanks for your time

This is more precise and brilliantly brief, it looks nice with more prospect



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