How to benefit from trading with MT4 custom indicators

MetaTrader4 Platform offers an outstanding opportunity for traders to implement their trading visions of price analysis on practice by allowing to create and add custom Forex indicators.

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Guys, all you need to do is either go to Systems using MT4 indicators page and download the indicators listed below each strategy.
Or Google mt4 indicators - there are thousands of them available free.

pls i need these indicator my email [email protected]

please i am a new babe in fx. can anybody give an indicator to add to my file.or where can i get an is my email id [email protected]

ibfx (you can trade also nano lots but they have huge spread at news times)
fxdd (you have to ask for micro lot)
forexgen (i don't recommend them because it seems to be scam. i have recognized very slow execution and requoting. i think it is impossible to day trade)

I saw LiteForex offering micro lots.
Also FXOpen does. The last one however doesn't even have an "About Company" page. I don't know if they are registered or regulated by any authority.
LiteForex is registered with Seychelles International Business Authority, if this tells you anything :).
Both have 3 pips spread for EUR/USD, 4 pips for GBP/USD.
That's my short research, glad if you find it useful :)


Is there any MT 4 forex broker supporting microlots(like oanda). Please share if anyone has info on this.



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