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How to benefit from trading with MT4 custom indicators

MetaTrader4 Platform offers an outstanding opportunity for traders to implement their trading visions of price analysis on practice by allowing to create and add custom Forex indicators.

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You can find brokers by location here:


is anybody knows how to get free money to start trading

Yes, why not.

For example, there are brokers who run promotions and offer free $50 accounts (CMS Forex did, Deltastock did). You can find those promotions listed at same site:

Also, if you have basic skills to run an own website, you can make money by placing advertisements on your pages, participating in affiliate and other programs.


Hi sir,i wud want a more elaborated explaination on the copy the custom indicators as it in the indicator's folder of the expert.from where do one copy the custom indicators from whic folder in the harddisk.tnx edward

Hello sir,How to use the added custom indicator in MT4 platform to access the moving average level.tnx once again