#3 Range-bound trading (34 EMA + 5 EMA)

Many systems start with words: "I’ve been observing charts for a while, and suddenly an idea popped up in my head". Same was with this one for me. I’ve been looking at charts, in particular at moving averages, and came up with a trading plan to foresee upcoming ranging markets.

This is the earliest detection of a ranging market known to me, and I’d like to share it with you today.

Trading rules:

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Hi Ivan,

Happy and prosperous Holidays to you too!


hi Edward
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Hi Nasri,

It works on all time frames without exception.

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Hi Edward,

Thanks for the valuable info. Does it work on 4 Hour and 1 Hour timeframes as well ? I am trying a strategy using 4H and 1H TFs as the main trend direction.

Happy Holidays,

Great series of articles on how to detect a ranging market! This has been an area where I have had a problem in my trading before. This should help!


The Cat Preacher

thanks. great strategy.


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