Forex trading strategy #2-a (28-100 MA trading)

Submitted by Egudu

Hi everyone, here is a simple but cool system, and like I do tell my students, fx is not hard, so don't make it one.

Indicators: 100Ema applied to close and 28 smooth moving average applied to close.
Time frame: 1hr and 4hr
Currency: Any, but i guess Eur/usd would be preferable.

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This is as good of a system as any, if you have good money management.

Is this process still being used by anyone and are you making any positive results?

hello, have you got any stats on how effective this is. What ratio % do you win. I have started to try this but already my first trade went sour. I tried 55, 21 entry but I don't think the entry is robut enough to eliminate false entries. Has anyone got any ideas here. Peter

perhaps i'm stupid but i don't understand your a down trend the 28sma is below the 100 EMA so is not profitable to buy above the 100 ema and to sell beloww the 28.

i like it too. Thank you, egudu.

hi egudu,
what a great system,it works for me
i personally thank you for submit ur great system..
the best thing is,this is so simple but POWERFULL
thank you..


About to give this system a try and will give feedback on performance

The catch of this strategy is to confirm your trade bias visually ... market tells your naked eye if it is moving or range bound ... this is a beautifully simple system ... at least history says so. I will be back with more results. thanks for sharing.

Egudu, this system seems to work very well. For range markets you have to exit sooner. But over all this systems works. Don't worry about the negative comments. Besides the really good traders only choose one or two currencies or stocks (ask Warren Buffet). There are plenty of opportunities with only EUR/USD with this system. No need to trade anything else. Great system.

RE: 'Any, but I guess EUR/USD would be preferable'
Where does this 'Any' come from? To claim such thing as 'any' assumes that you have tested the system with the 18 currency pairs (at least). As you obviously have not done this - where does this 'I guess' come from. How do you assign to 'I guess' the value of EUR/USD, and not GBP/USD, for example?

Not a system?...well its worked for me for the last 12 years.

too much noise, and missed opportunities. 55 21 sholud be better

Whoa!different strokes for different folks,suggestions and comments are welcome.But i guess the most important thing here is to improve on it,if you think otherwise

Egudu, this is not a trading system believe me

Hello Egudu, I really like your systems, they are simple to understand and they work!
You could make your own website where to collect all your systems.


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