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Forex strategies and ideas under development

That's probably that missing link we needed for our website — a page with ideas and strategies under development!

While making a final well balanced trading system is challenging for any trader (be you a beginner or a pro), almost all of us have some bright ideas about specific parts of Forex trading routine: good entries, ideal exits, excellent stops etc.

On behalf of our Team I'd like to welcome you to join our discussion area where we are going to look at new trading ideas and innovative approaches, make notes and conduct testing, and, of course, share trading strategies that are still under development.

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hi nice website keep it up and do more work on it

Hello Edward ;)

Its me, Azim=D...for the last 2 days i submitted my strategy, so i hope u will post it later soon because i believe it can make consistent pips around 20-40 pips per day;)

Just check it out yeaa~ =D

Thank you, Azim

Sure, I will.
On Monday-Tuesday it'll be up.

Kind regards,

Thanks a lot Edward for all the strategies here published ,you are a good man God bless you and your family .Luis


I want to submit my strategy and get some opinions. I hope i post at the right place.

Best regard and thank you


Thank you, Morgan

It's been posted - system #27.

Kind regards,