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Dear Friends,

I'm glad to open a new section of our website dedicated to trading methods, techniques and ideas.
Here, me and my team, and hopefully you as well, will be sharing our favorite trading methods, for example, the best method to exit a trade, the best method to filter trading signals, a favorite method to identify ranging markets, a favorite entry method etc.

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Please I will like to be link up with Edward, I am a new trader and I will like him to take me as such and give me some tips which I can use to build myself.


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Hi Edward,
I would like to share on this website a high chance profitable trade on current price action after a swing high (or low) :
1)after what appears a swing high (or low) wait for a reversal candle to close (this means a color change of the candle)
2)wait for the break of the reversal candle and enter the trade when you have stochastic agreement (the stochastics must have made an angle between 12 and 2 o'clock to enter long and an angle between 4 and 6 o'clock to enter short)

Stop loss is placed just above (or below) the swing high (or low)
I take profit on big (00-20-50-80) or midrange numbers (10-35-65-90) 2 to 3 levels (levels are 00-10-20-35-50-65-80-90) beyond (for example: enter long on 1.30000 and take profit on 1.3020/1.3035, enter short on 1.30000 and take profit on 1.2980 or 1.2965.

I only trade when ADX is above 25.

I would really appreciate some feedback on this strategy to mak it even more profitable.

Best regards,

Hi guys ,

I am about to use a strategy on price action moves :
1) I try to go long (short) when a swing low (or high) has appeared
2) I wait for the reversal candle (this is a candle from red to green (green to red)after a swing low (high)) after a consolidation of a swing low or high
3) I enter the trade when the following candle breaks the reversal candle and when there is stochastic agreement 4) there must also be stochastic agreement to enter the trade.
I use the 8-3-3 stochastic. When the angle of the stochastic is between 12 and 2 o' clock you can enter long after the break of the reversal candle.
When the angle of the stochastic is between 4 and 6 o' clock you can enter short after the break of the reversal candle.
The angle of the stochastic is very important, it determines the trend is in your favor.
Stop loss is placed just under the swing high or low.
Take profit on big numbers (00-20-50-80) or midrange numbers (10-35-65-90): try to reach 2 to 3 levels of profit after you entered the trade :
for example: enter long on 1,3000 and take profit on 1,3020/1,3035 (the levels are 00-10-20-35-50-65-80-90)
enter short on 1,3000 and take profit on 1,2980/1,2965

I think it is a high chance profitable trade and quite simple strategy.
Please, I really would appreciate feedback on this strategy and maybe add some useful advice , so that this strategy even becomes more profitable.

Best regards,

Hi guys,

thanks for the work you put in! Anychance someone may do some analysis on the "Delphi scalper system".

mainly looks like it uses highr time frame s&r but the indicators functionality with that is interesting!


Thank you Erik,

My winning rate is about 65-75% on average. Sometimes a bit lower/higher depending how favorable the market conditions are.

Best regards,

Hi Edward, I would like to thank you for all your wonderful trading strategies, I really like them a lot.
I'm sure these strategies can create profitable traders, when they're really passionate about forex trading.
I know I am thanks to such strategies, as you revealed on this website.
May I ask you what the percentage is of your profitable trades ?
Thanks and I wish everyone on this website a lot of trading success.


I would just like to pass something along with everybody since this website has given me so much. A great money management system is a 3:1 profit to loss ratio. I tend to use a 30 pip stop loss and aim to pick up at least 90 pips. A low risk way to catch large pips while using a small stop loss would be to look for trend line breaks and patterns. This way, you would have to be wrong three times in a row to give back what you already took from the market. Even if you lost once and won once, you already made back 2 times what you lost. Combine this with a 50 percent profitable trading system and pyramiding (averaging into a position) and you will become a millionaire in a few short years.

Thank you for you feedback!

Here is a full version of MACD with a histogram and both lines.

Instructions on how to add MT4 indicator are here: How to add MT4 indicators


Thank you for your wonderful work on the site. I have been helped a great deal. Please how can I get a good MACd that has the two lines and the histogram my platform only have one line. thank you in advance for your help

Hi Nique,

Me and my team, we highly appreciate your feedback!

I'm always honest with my friends, I cannot share the exact rules of my own trading system and its money management. However, I've been sharing it to some extent in small bits on this website for 2 full years now. My own system combines various strategies on this website, including midnight setup, 9 EMA entry, advanced RSI +Stoch, Trend line break and some more. Basically I'm trading few strategies, each one for a different market.

It is also about my family and my wife, who trades with me, and as I mentioned earlier somewhere on this website, she is very protective about those strategies.
So, I'm trying to balance interests of everyone here :)

I hope you can understand me and be my frequent guest on this website.



You have done a very good work gathering all these marvelous and very informative informations. I have learn a lot from your site (Midnite Setup System and Winning Risk:Reward Ratio are my two most favourite). I cannot thank you more for all your valuable sharings. A very kind-hearted of you. Thanks Ed.

I have been trading in live account since early this year and GBP/USD is my favourite pair since I have fall in love with its personality. I found out that, psychologicaly, live trading is totally totally totally differ from demo trading. Some more, the market seems so CRUEL to me. Very frustrating. Fortunately, Im on my way of recovery with the Midnite Setup System which I have done a little modification for my own use. Thanks to the founder.

Ed, I have an instinct that you must be among one of those 5% successful forex trader. Therefore, if you do not mind, is it possible if you can share with us/me with your personel trading method and money management?

Again, many thanks Ed.


Hi Charles,

ADX lags a lot when it comes to identifying ranging markets on their earliest stages, that's true. (But then when ADX catches up it helps to monitor non-trending markets up to the point when they return to a trending mode).

I've promised earlier that I will start a discussion about ranging markets and methods of trading or avoiding them. Up to this day I'm still battling to find time to actually launch the topic. Hundreds of emails and questions from traders don't let me get bored :) Other times I get carried away by a new trading idea, and a day passes without any contribution to the website.

I don't have a Holy Grail solution for concurring range bound markets, but I do have some thoughts, ideas and indicators to filter, anticipate and trade better. Thank you for putting me back on tracks and reminding once again to touch this huge and important topic of range bound trading!

I'll get to it, sooner or later, but I truly hope I'll do it pretty soon :) That's the plan. I'm also very interested to hear the feedback on it as well as possibly inspire more traders.

Best regards,

Hi Edwards,
Thanks so much for your excellent site. U would surely be blessed bountifully,
As U wrote just above, pls could you tell me how i could know when the trading
is about to enter a narrow range before placing trades and losing money.
Also, the adx lags seriously in such a ranging market.
Thanks so much,

Hi Dennis,

9 EMA method knows no limits regarding time frames, daily charts are as good as hourly or 5 min.
During ranging markets 9EMA will be less useful, although it would always depend on the width of a range. In a wide range 9 EMA continues to give good short term trading signals, but in a significantly narrow range, you'll see just up and down crosses over and over again, which proves that trading with 9 EMA indicator alone is not an option, you always need other tools to identify trends and ranges.



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