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How long did it take you to become truly or acceptably profitable in Forex?
Tell us about your experience, success and challenges.

Your story will guide many traders onto the right path and help those who have some doubts left about any aspect of live Forex trading.

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Hi, Reza what were you thinkin. you have to try de demo for at least 3 months before yu start the real one be patien men youw have to beat yourself before beaten the forex.
fellow looser

you guys should all pay attention on SMA 100 period especially you REZA and try too see with higher time frame daily for instant and you zoom it till it can't be zoomed again if SMA 100 is going down dont ever think about putting a buy order it goes for the other way around and dont forget to put your macd and william
fellow looser

Hi, Iam looking for a strategy that was put on the simple strategy section a couple of weeks ago. It was in relation to trading one pair maybe gbp/usd or gbp/jpy. It claimed to be profiting 1500 pips/week day trading that one pair.
Does anyone know where it is?

This forex trading has got me interested , curious & I am going to find out how it is played successfully. I have been reading about George Soros and he was very bad at arithmetic at School, but he got something right in playing forex trading when he won a billion dollars on one day, sounds incredible.
I will keep trying before I actually PLAY , so if anyone has some helpful hints for a real amateur, I would really appreciate them.
Best wishes Neil = palmerboxing[at]

I've been trading Forex for about a year. I've been profitable - not making the huge bucks, but doing alright. I agree that using a very simple system and STAYING with it is the key to success. You can always test other systems or tweak the one you have, but do it on downtime and stay with your system during trading hours. It takes a world of discipline and patience, but the results are worth it. Get over the fact that you won't always have a winning trade.

dave m

forex is very easy i started with 1000$ i have now 17.300 (4 months).
because i know what i do and i have own system ( my mind ),everyone can do same..

Hi everyone,the real cause of failure in forex is the fact that we don't want to lose,look free you mind and have fun trading forex, but that wouldn't be if the fund you're using is for bills paying and all what not. STICK to a plan and trade the plan, you sure would succeed believe me, and stop looking for that all perfect strategy, a simple one would do.May the trade be with you.