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How long did it take you to become truly or acceptably profitable in Forex?
Tell us about your experience, success and challenges.

Your story will guide many traders onto the right path and help those who have some doubts left about any aspect of live Forex trading.

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1.5 years of trading and it includes mini ac and then standrad a/c but not yet able to trade with profits.very small profit and then huge loss so only thing i am gaining is tax rebate as its loss in the end of the year!!

Hi everyone,
i am a professional trader, and have beening trading for quite some time now,making profit in the forex market is quite easy, what makes it hard yourself, by that i mean your greed, fear,bills to pay,lack of discipline and patience;believe me a simple cross over of two moving averages would make you successful if you would just stick to it,jumping from one system to another is the real cause of most failure, cos u need to trust your system even when you have some lossing trade cos you would certainly have some. so my advice keep it short and simple(KISS, and please stick to it cos discipline is the key to this market.
May the trade be with you,

I'm fully experienced in forex but underestimated just how hard it is to trade profitably for years. The longer you stick at it the more obstacles you discover just below the surface. Trading is very simple but consistent profits are not easy to obtain. I wouldn't recommend forex trading to anyone unless they have an edge which has been proven long term on a demo account and also understand what a losing streak can do to a leveraged account. and losing streaks occasionally will hit any trading system which is why risking more than 1% per trade is possibly too much but anyone in a hurry to get rich will risk a lot more than that.

steve b

I've got to know about forex after my country banned most of the hyip scheme. I've made money there but still there are risks. Upon surfing the net I stumble on forex. Not many people in my country do forex. I've asked around, but most of the people I met said know nothing about forex.

I bought an ebook from the internet, and this guy included a special indicators for trading forex. So, I gave it a try. And, to my suprise it works! I am able to notice point for buy and sell. I tried it against a demo account.

Then, i registered for a live account at for usd20. I've made about usd13.50 there. So, at least I've managed to covered the initial investment by almost 65.7%.

But, I still I need to work and learn more on this forex.


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