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How long did it take you to become truly or acceptably profitable in Forex?
Tell us about your experience, success and challenges.

Your story will guide many traders onto the right path and help those who have some doubts left about any aspect of live Forex trading.

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this guy is a well known scammer in malaysia!

I have been a profitable trader for over 10 years. It took me almost 5 years of learning to get to the point of becoming consistently profitable. If there's anything I can add to the conversation here it's to tell those new to trading to study the wisdom in the above comments regarding learning money management and giving up on the concept of win/loss ratios when it comes to your trades. Like one of the posters above my trading win ratio varies from "only" 35-45% depending upon market conditions, but I'm able to finish my months a winner 83% of the time, and I've been averaging about 100% account increases each year for about 10 years now. "Cut your losers short and let your winners run" is the best thing you can learn about trading!

Also, I would disagree with those who say that trading on demo accounts is "worthless". I traded on demo for almost 2 years while learning. The important thing is to treat your "fake" money like it's real. Don't screw around just because it's not real money... develop your strategy and trade it like you would if the money was real. This will help teach you what to expect when you start trading with real money, even though the feelings of loss will be magnified. Here's what demo trading will do for you... it will help you to learn what may be wrong with your trading system or your own discipline BEFORE you start losing real money. Also, if you can't be profitable over a period of a few months when trading on demo, what makes you think you're going to be able to do it with real money???

Finally, stick with it. Keep learning and studying. No one becomes a profitable trader for the long term without studying for at least a couple of years. If you think this is a "get rich quick scheme" then just go buy yourself something nice with the money you were going to use as your trading capital... because you're going to lose it anyway.

Dopo tante sconfitte,solo l'esperienza ti insegna a perdere poco,non esiste alcun sistema,ne disciplina ma solo la perseveranza.
Non ascoltare mai consigli e suggerimenti da altri,operare con il proprio istinto,gestire bene il proprio capitale,non dare credito assoluto ai vari indicatori.
Buona fortuna a tutti.


After many defeats, only experience teaches you to lose little, there is no system, governing only perseverance.
Never listen to advice and suggestions from others, working with their instinct to look after its capital, not to give absolute credit to the various indicators.
Good luck to all.

after two years of trading and trying out diffrent system i concluded that technical analyse is not profitabale! it is only a matter of luck!

I have been doing it with practice and real account for the last 8 months now. To be honest, i have, like many others blown up my first real account and again after that. Then i reverted back to practice account. Although i had twice doubled my demo account and i had success with demo accounts, but i found it totally different with real account. I is a different world. Now i practice live with only 1 micro lot and test my system live with very little losses. I prefer doing it live with real accout and 1 micro lot. I am quite comfortably doing it within $100.
The most important thing is now i am all the time working on my only one trading strategy and i keep reading and practicing it strictly. The most difficult thing till this time has been to be completely disciplined in following my system. I feel things are getting better and better now. I have no intention of leaving it at any cost but rather learn from my mistakes and keep practicing. I have very modest goal for my daily forex trading, 20 pips per day. I will continue to learn live till i have perfected my only trading system amd then continue with it to acheive my daily goal of 20 pips. Good luck to all.

shahid I am i same shoes like your trading with1 microlot with tolerable losses since 1 year wish to share your trading method as mine is not that good and like to change it

thenx guys for sharing your experiences the bottom line is if u dont give up in forex u will be making consistent pips some day did somebody say keeping a journal?its really helpful u learn ur mistakes


This is a great site. MUCH food for thought. Kudos to Edward Revy and all the contributors. I made money on my demo account with no problem. Probably because I didn't care. After all, it wasn't real money. As soon as I started trading for real money I became anxious. It was a whole different situation. Fortunately I have a micro account and I am learning first hand all of the classic mistakes not to be made yet it is not costing me very much money. The lessons seem to sink in better when real money is at stake-no matter how small it is- than with a demo account of "play" money. If I ever get consistant results in my micro account I will scale up to larger sums. I would recommend a micro account for anybody who wants to learn how human emotions affect your (and everybody else's) trading.
Forex is like the world's greatest puzzle. It exercises your brain completely. In my opinion it is the most fun you can have with your pants on.

Best of luck to all!