Advanced technique #9 (System Selection Technique)

Choosing the right strategy for trading is a strategy by itself. (from Edward)
All credits and special thanks to Arsalan, the author of this technique.


Hello everyone and thank you Mr.Edward Revy for publishing my ADX+EMA SYSTEM.

I want to share one very good idea with everyone.
This is not a trading strategy but a technique to determine which system to use and when. There are many systems available to use some are trend following systems like moving average crossover and some are oscillator based system which utilize indicators such as Stochastic, Rsi and William %R but if all these systems are good then why they work sometimes and sometimes they fail?

The reason is selection of a good system at wrong time.

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You are welcome Venkats

Look very good.
Thank you so much for detailed description and bothering to share it with us!



There is no need for any visual explanation through chart because all you have to do is plot adx for your currency pair and look for the level of adx if it is 30+ then use trend following system and likewise you can check at what level is adx and then decide what kind of system to use whether trend following or oscillator based and then just use your systems buy sell signal to trade.I have clearly explained at what level what kind of system to use in my strategy.
I think there is no need to explain this method through chart because it is so simple to understand and apply.

Let me give you an example of how to use this method.
Eg.Suppose i plot adx(14) for currency xyz and the level of adx for it is at 33 i.e. it is above 30 so according to my system selection technique i will use trend following system like Macd, moving average crossover etc. to trade this currency and all i will have to do is to use my trend following systems buy sell signal and in the similar way if adx level would have been below 20 i would have used oscillator based system like stochastic,rsi etc.I hope you after reading the aforementioned example all your doubts will get clear and if you still do not understand then ask about your doubt specifically and so that i will be able to answer you easily and clear your doubt.

Happy trading,




very insightful.
could u post some charts to illustrate?


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