Forex trading strategy #11 (Arsalan's ADX+EMAs cross system)

Hello everyone my name is Arsalan and before i proceed i want to thank Edward Revy and all the other people who have shared their amazing trading systems over here.
I have learnt many trading systems at this website which i use in my trading and they work very well for me. I have been using a strategy which gives me consistent profit so i would like to share that strategy with everyone over here.

The strategy is as follows:

Time frame: Daily.

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hi arsalan this is fazel just want to know if i can have your email please

salam agha arsalan mishe id bedid man ye kam bahatoon harf bezanam ya be id man pm bedin roozbeh_m58 :id roozbeh_m58(at) :email

Arsalan. A really good and simple to use system. I would add an extra rule: only enter trade when ADX is +ve slope and had crossed above 22.

Hi...I love this strategy!!!! thank oyu so much for sharing it...
my question is what MAs should I use if I trade intraday on a 5 min chart???
again Thank you
thank you thank you!!!!!!

Great post, Robert
I use the similar approach, which helps to balance my trading.

To User: 3 day EMA is your regular EMA indicator placed on daily charts with the period set to "3".


what is a 3 day EMA, similar to ema in ADX or not?..

Hi Arsalan,

I have not quite been trading for a year yet so I don't feel I know enough about trading to be giving out strategies to anyone, this is just an idea I had and would love to know if it can be any use to anyone else as it has been quite useful for me.

I love how simple and easy your strategy is, it has been quite profitable for me so far but I have been trading some false signals and been losing some money or have been stopped out at break even so I came up with a nice way to complement your strategy in case you trade a false breakout and still make a small profit or offset a small loss.

Quite simply I put 2 trades on, 1 to run until I get a sell signal and a second with a profit target of around 80-100 pips, looking back at the charts there is on average around an 80-100 pip movement before it reverses. I have noticed sometimes it is only 50-60 pips so when I get around 50% of the way to my profit target I move my stop loss to break even so if I do get stopped out on my first trade then my second one is free.

I have not had chance to test this extensively on the day time frame but have used it quite a lot on the 1 hour in my demo account for the last month (just changed my profit target to somewhere around the average true range of the last bar) and I have turned a good few unprofitable trades into profitable trades.

I know a lot of people wont like the extra risk involved but it has worked very well for me (so far), please give it a shot in your demo account I would love to hear feedback and any ideas/improvements.

Kind Regards,

Hi Arsalan,
May I know if you've tried this together with fundamentals?


You'll find an answer here: ADX +DI -DI



excuse me, what is +DI and -DI ?

I don't see why not. Both ADX and Moving averages are widely used across all time frames.



Can this work on other time frames or just 1 hour charts?

Thanks, Mat

In the last example you ignored the previous buy which would have stopped you out. Seems to me that ADX and EMAs are telling you that same thing. Either way this system will take back all of you profits when price starts ranging

Hi Arsalan, i'm Lino, i just wanted to thank so much for sharing ur wonderful trading secrets; i wish we had alot of people like in the world,who things freely. I have been trying out ur strategies and getting profitable returns, pls the strategy on a 4hr chart


Q.Do we need to wait for ADX strength to reach above 20, or just track +DI and -DI only?
Yes.This is a trending system so ADX should be atleast above 20.
For more information please refer my system selection technique.
It will help you to use a right system at a right time.

Happy Trading,




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