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Forex Brokers that Allow Scalping: Research and Results

The topic of Forex Brokers allowing scalping is always actual and sensitive.

I was looking for answers in various forums, tried searching with keywords in search engines, tried reading policies and FAQs on the websites of different Forex brokers for scalping...
It seemed like I had only guesses, but nothing solid to rely on.

And then I came up with a simple solution - sending customer support inquiries to the different Forex brokers...

My question to all of them was the same:

“Do you allow scalping? By scalping I mean holding a position for less than 1 minute.”

That’s it.
Today, I’d like to share with you what my research has revealed.
So, brokers allowing or not allowing scalping...

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Hi All.
I'm Newbie
please tell me does anybody have experience scalping at FXPro or gainscope. does they do fairly? i know in demo account they do allow but how about their live account?


fxcm also allow scalping

atc brokers also allow scalping and have a very low spread on the euro 1.5 last look.

fxopen allows scalping
they have even mentioned that in their promotional banners.

I was trading with Fxopen for long time and i have ask to FxOpen about scalping. They allow scalping for trader and can close position in less than 1 minute, but not with an EA.

maybe you want to make some review to FxOpen.

West Capital Forex and North Finance now are incorporated on

5 numbers feed and spread as low as 1.8 pips

I'm waiting their response regarding scalping


Scalping - As long as your orders are requested in accordance with our terms and conditions the company may accept these orders.

Best Regards, Support Unit
EuroOrient Securities & Financial Services Limited

I just came back into forex due to economic situation looking to make money. I found forexyard, and got to trade instantly with 300 dlls, within 3 days I got $9130 dollars, and was never aware I was scalping, what the term scalping ment, or about their supposed unethical violations on my part as per (terms and agreements) I was kicked off with just my initial deposit from the mini account. They said in a normal account with $1000, I could trade with no worries regarding scalping or time limits, but the key difference was that order executions speeds would greatly be reduced.
For those looking at forexyard try it only if with such handicap.
I thank you for such information and referrals to other brokers who can cater to what I now know to be scalping, and I will try my chances with EFX, fxcm, and maybe others.

Hey quick questions! Regarding time lags from different brokers and possibility to forcast a quick volatile movement do you offer any suggestions on broker pairings(be it legal with a bit of discretion). I inadvertantly found fxcm and forexyard like a 1/2 second lag on movement, including an averaging of the supposed fix spreads on forexyard(as if to compensate for the volatile conditions). I found such info to yield me profits 50% of the time.