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Forex Brokers that Allow Scalping: Research and Results

The topic of Forex Brokers allowing scalping is always actual and sensitive.

I was looking for answers in various forums, tried searching with keywords in search engines, tried reading policies and FAQs on the websites of different Forex brokers for scalping...
It seemed like I had only guesses, but nothing solid to rely on.

And then I came up with a simple solution - sending customer support inquiries to the different Forex brokers...

My question to all of them was the same:

“Do you allow scalping? By scalping I mean holding a position for less than 1 minute.”

That’s it.
Today, I’d like to share with you what my research has revealed.
So, brokers allowing or not allowing scalping...

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I'm sorry for you. To be kicked off like this is nasty.
Just to think how quickly they reacted, huh? this confirm that dealing desks are watching you trading... Beware..

Hi I am "KUNI". from Japan.

Please teach.

My dealings are "scalping".

"FXOpen" & "InterbankFX" &"" &"FXPro"
Will it be the company which can have dealings safely?

The Japan law is severe.

All trader's money is protected by the law.
The profit that the trader acquired is received without fail.

It is "Forex Broker Reviews" of Japan.

Please forgive me by using strange English.


It heard it from "Tradeview Forex".

Is there a limitation in the mode of dealing?

Is dealings of the economic indicator prohibited?

Tradeview: We do not have any limitations and I do not believe economic indicator is prohibited but could you give more information??

Is drawing out money early?

Does "Spread" extend?

Is the order to the market early?

Tradeview: We have very few limitations.

You can withdraw money whenever you like at no charge

Our spread is determined by market liquidity....more liquidity better spreads


Does anyone know if ODL allows scalping on forex?


Japan ODL was used.

The profit of six million yen for three days was obtained.
Warning of the account stop went out of the ODL headquarters.

ODL doesn't basically admit scalping.

The profit is transfer on three days.

scalping OK!

MT4 Broker ↓


one more broker who allows scalping is instaforex, you can access it via my affiliate link
Thanks. Good luck all :)

Hi Edward,

Ok, I'm kind of confused here regarding the definition of scalping. From all the comments I read here, it occurs to me that scalping is gaining a few pips profit manually (i.e. you gotta make a very fast click). During this month, I've been trading for only 5 pips each transaction (thanks for your "Scalping system #6) with hedging-if necessary-since I don't set any stop-loss just to aim for 5 pips, but I never close the transaction manually. Instead, I always set my limit profit to 5 pips. So far, 39 profit transactions on live account during this month and has no problem with it (i.e. the broker). Is my way of trading considered scalping (using limit profit setting), or what you mean by scalping is aiming small pips by closing the transaction manually?

Is there anybody trading live with CMS FX that can share his/her experience with me in this forum, especially about scalping and whether or not they're reliable when we want to withdraw our money?

Thanks so much in advance, Edward.
Best regards,