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Complex trading system #7 (Mohammed Munzer Forex system)

Current Forex system was submitted by Mohammed Munzer - our valued contributor.

hello all
timeframe: daily
Double CCI (CCI=50 and CCI=14)
Full stochastics (5,3,3)

- When price is between EMA(34) and SMA(150) Do not trade

- Trade long when EMA(34) is over SMA(150) and a daily candle crosses
EMA(34) and closes over it by putting an entry order 10 pips above the
candle's high taking into consideration that stochastics lines are up and
not in the overbought zone

- trade short when EMA(34) is below SMA(150) and a daily candle crosses
EMA(34) and closes below it by putting entry order 10 pips below the
candle's low taking into consideration that stochastics lines are down and
not in oversold zone

- Exit depends on stochastics lines crosses
Stop loss= 75% Daily ATR

- You can repeat entrys after retracements towards EMA(34) or towards "NO
TRADE ZONE" depending on double CCI patterns trend continuation and trend
line break only if stochastics and entry conditions returns valid -closing
above EMA(34) for long or below it for short and with entry orders 10 pips
above for long and below for short.

Thank you once again!
Forex Strategies Team

You can find another Forex system
by Mohammed Munzer at

In this daily chart, it seems that from candle 1 to candle 8 , no trading conditions are available .
On the close of candle 1,Stochastics are in the overbought zone, and from candle 2 till candle 7, the stochastics lines are oriented downwards.
Entry conditions became valid at the close of candle 8.
EMA(34) is over SMA(150) and the daily candle crossed
EMA(34) and closed over it while stochastics lines became oriented upwards and not in the overbought zone, so we put an entry order 10 pips above the candle's high
I.E entry is at : 1.3670+10=1.3680
Stop loss: 92*70%=64.4 rounded to 65
Stop is at 1.3680-65=1.3615
Closing position is at the close of candle 15 because of the stochastics lines crossover downwards
close is at 1.3881
gain= 1.3881-1.3680=201 pips .
hint: Donot hesitate to move stop loss day by day in the way that suits trader's desire.

Another entry is done depending on Double CCI by using trend continuation pattern.
At the close of candle "a" ,EMA(34) is still above SMA(150) and CCI(50) is over ZL level and CCI(14) crossed this ZL
Stochastics lines are upwards
Entry is done 10 pips above the candle's close high
I.E entry is at: 1.4170+10=1.4180
Stop=89*70%=62.3 rounded to 63
Stop is at: 1.4180-63=1.4117
Close is at the close of candle "h" 1.4292 as stochastics lines crossed downwards
Gain= 1.4292-1.4180=112 pips

Forex trading system

Mohammed Munzer - South Lebanon
In the past posting,
It was a Euro/USD chart analysis for this system

Now this a USD/CHF daily chart analysis.

Candle "A" closed below EMA(34) which is also below SMA(150)
Stochastics lines are downward too
Entry point is at : 1.2020-10=1.2010 (candle's low - 10)
Stop loss= ATR*70%= 80*70%=56 points
Stop loss is at : 1.2010+ 56= 1.2066
close position is at 1.1884 at the close of candle "C"
gain= 1.2010- 1.1884= 126 pips

Re-entry is done at the close of candle "1" when price get back towards EMA(34) and closed below it with a CCI trend continuation sign by the cross of CCI(14) to ZL
Entry is at candle close low - 10
I.E at 1.1775-10=1.1765
Stop loss = 88*70%= 62 (rounded)
Stop loss is put at 1.1765+62=1.1827
Closing position is done at the close of candle at 1.1776
So, if the trader has not moved stop level every day's end the trade
losed : 1.1765-1.1776= - 11 pips
But by using stop trailing such trade is a succeeding trade as abviosely noticed.

Hint: Donot forget to move stop loss in the way suiting U

Forex trading example USD/CHF


Thank you for valuable updates and trading examples!

Kind regards,

Hi Mohammed,

Very nice, simple and clean trading strategy. I think we need just develop (with theory and examples) more the reentry strategy. I will study this some days and after give you some feedback.

BEst regards,

Hi Mohammed,
it looks like a very promising system. Are you (or somebody else) trading this system live, and if, how are the results? I did some research, and looks very decent on all currency pairs.
Good job.

Thanks again.


Scent salutations to Mr Edward, Wod and Erni
I am not trading this system live now becoz it does not suit my present available given needs.
This system still needs improvement as I see, and I hope all help.
Becoz of my wedged time I am now using only a 4 hour breakout system which enables me to put entry orders before going to work in the early morning

4 hours chart
sma(50) and sma(100)
stochastic oscillator (6,3,3)

Good luck for all here and 10x again for the concern Edward.

Hi Mohammed, you said system needs some improvement. Can you specify what exactly are you concern off? I am currently testing this system against ALL pairs. Will post my results here. If you could clarify a bit on your concerns, so I could concentrate more on paying attention to them. I noticed one VERY important thing. 10pips gap for putting order in. This is very important. This is a protection needed to actually not catch bad trade. I think we need to test more how to move s/l before we close trade. Also I noticed some discrepancy in your original setup, and charts. For example, you said use Full stochastic (5,3,3), but on your charts you are using (6,3,3). Also you said use Stop loss= 75% Daily ATR, but in your samples you use 70%. Also we should clarify that you are using ATR(21). (That has not been mentioned in the text above). I do not think they are crucial for the success, but just to clarify.

Thanks again for great strategy.


Hi Erni again
Thanks for ur comments and for ur gesture for the miscompatibility done by me
( Discrepancy is the meeting of 2 evidences which contradict )
The true is 75% daily ATR and stochastics settings 5,3,3
And such mistake is done by me when posting here in a swift way when I received a message from MR Edward for such purpose
I worked on this system in Demo only before stopping for the rarity of available free time
And now I am only making entry orders be4 going work depending on BreakOut strategy on 4 hours chart...
For my improvement needs I concern about
1- Filtering ( 10 pips maybe not the best )
2- Riding the trade when I missing it from beginning
3- Riding it also after missing its re-dash (re- rush) when retraces from 34 ema
I know that this is a daily chart strategy and I must not miss any riding as it needs only one look per day, But I am searching for improvement which takes into consideration every idea belongs or have the tendency and ability to belong

Sorry for my English, it may be not so explicit , sometimes.

Thanks again Mr Erni...
Good luck..
Mohammed Munzer