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#5 Range-bound trading (Following WellxAMA)

One of the easiest methods to distinguish range-bound conditions from trends is probably by looking at indicators.
I'd like to introduce one those indicators, which attentive readers may have already discovered on our site, called WellxAMA - a custom MT4 indicator.

Download (right click + save as)


Indicator settings: you can use default, which are equally good.
(On the screen shot I used my own settings: 9, 3, 50, 2.0, 2.0)

Time frame: any

Currency: any

Here is the way it may help with detecting Raging and Trending markets:

Forex range-bound trading


1. As long as the dots are of the same color - the current trend continues.

2. Whenever a WellxAMA dot changinges color - the trend changes to the opposite.

3. If WellxAMA draws a new dot with every new chart candlestick - the market is trending.

4. Whenever a dot is missing - it is an indication of a sideways moving market ahead.

(On the screen shot we can see that as an empty/bare thin brown line stretching alongside several candlesticks in a row) - this means a trend is pausing and we may encounter range-bound conditions ahead.

5. What direction to follow when the WellxAMA dots are missing? Stick to the previous trend direction = the previous WellxAMA dot color before the range occurs.

6. If you're in a trade when WellxAMA starts to range, consider tightening your stops. If you haven't started trading - you may want to keep out until the trend is resumed.

red vertical lines refer to 07:59 GMT candle.

niceee.. thnx

isn't this just a Parabolic SAR

no, it's not, although visually it has some similarities.


Hi Edward,

Thanks for the indicator. Is there anyway we can have the wellxAMA indicator to be displayed in a window below the chart ? I am thinking doing it that way may help make my chart less cluttered.

You would need some editing of the indicator code:

#property indicator_chart_window

should be replaced by:

#property indicator_separate_window


Where can we get that WellxAMA indicator please? I can't find it in my MT4 platform.
Any body where can we download it. Thanks by: Boyax