Scalping system #11 (The Center of Gravity)

Submitted by Ashur

Alright first of all, I just want to say the indicators that i'm going to post and show are not mine so i take no credit for them. The center of gravity indicator was created by Oan. The idea is based on Mostafa Belkhayate's system. Also the sweet spots indicator was taken from "Patrick Bourgeois" with his submission of "Trading by Psychological Levels". So I'm going to upload all the indicators, and all you do is, put them in Metatrader/Experts/Indicators folder. Im also going to upload the template so all you have to do is load the template.

The rules are these:

- Only trade 5 min chart
- Only trade in the direction of the Center of Gravity lines, so if they are pointing downwards then you only enter short positions and if they are pointing upwards you only enter long positions
- take profit is always one level above the level you entered your trade at.
- to be honest with you i never used a stop loss i only closed the trade when the lines pointed against me, but i bet we can work something out for a stop loss in this site.
- I mainly trade eur/usd and sometime gbp/usd, but i'm starting to look into trading the gbp/jpy also
- trade this system on a demo account until you are ready, don't rush into the market.

To enter a short position:

- center of gravity lines must be pointing downwards
- the price must be over the middle center of gravity line
- you sell at the first level on the sweet spots indicator that the price hits
- if price continues upwards you would sell at the 2nd level it hits once again.
- take profit point would be at the line below the 1st level you entered at. Some times the market will not hit the target exactly so just to be safe put your take profit a few pips above it.

To enter Long positions:

vice versa short position rules

A few pointers:

- try to stay away from Friday's and try to hold your self from trading NFP week.
- I find the absolute best time to trade this system is 8AM-12PM Eastern Time.

Note: This system does repaint, so backtesting is useless. But don't worry the system is very profitable, it just takes some practice. You will see its true value with a little bit of forward testing ;)

Once again I'd like to thank "Oan from" for helping me, "Patrick Bourgeois" for the indicator, and all the people form that helped edit and put together this system.

If I forgot to add something, I will edit and put it up for sure.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.


Center of Gravity 1.mq4

Thank you, Ashur, from entire Forex Strategies Team and our visitors for a great system!

Edward Revy,

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Have anyone actually used this system for a longer period of time with success? Or does anyone use this system anymore at all?

In long term using that system you blow your account,I tested already each day for 7 months, using a good mm,risk not more t then 1% per trade with stop loss 50pips.Because cog repainting.Somedays you have good proffits,but in long term anyway you loose all your proffits and account.

That system is ***,trust me.dont waste time.

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to check if anyone is still trading this since from when the thread started a couple years ago. If not, why not? Was it not successful?
Andy - do you still trade this in your way? Cross cog line then enter on level?


I just found this system today and had an opportunity to try once and won it :) I look forward to catching the 2nd opportunity :)

Hello all , can someone post some screenshot and give advice and maybe how well it work for you .
Thanks for your helps and happy new year

CoG is awesome, I am trialling it on IC Markets True ECN account and it looks good so far.

know many people risk only half of their take piroft (20 pip stop, 40 pip target) but I don't trade like that. It is all about what the charts are willing to give you. If the charts give you 40 pips and you need a 30 pip stop to hit that 40 pips consistently then those are your targets. I don't limit myself with preconceived notions that my stop must be half my take piroft.Only rule I stick to as far as stops go is I never risk more than I stand to make.

hello kiran here from india i hav this strategy but according to me it would best if we use elliot wave indi. with this can trade without any hassel.suggestion welcome.because of some reason elliot wave is not worling on my pc trying too fix the bug and as soon as it happens ill give the detailed plan on how to trade on it.

Awesome, this is the strategy I have been waiting for, thank you so much.

Here's my run down of what I do with this strategy...

The direction of the white line is key, if it's pointing up go long(buy), pointing down go short(sell).

I enter on these occasions...

1) price is moving through the white line in the direction that the white line is going

2) when the price bounces off or near one of the sweet spots, in the direction of the white line

3) when the price bounces off or near the blue lines towards the direction of the white line again.

On some occasions more than of these happens during a trade, and so I just double up the trades.

I only take 10pips regardless of how well the price is moving, I don't want to be too greedy and have the trade move in the opposite direction, if I see there might be a slight chance of it going against me (looking at support resistance levels and general look of the candles), I will close a trade quite happily at 3, 2 or even 1 pips, a small gain no matter how small is better than a loss.

9/10 successful trades today alone, and counting.

I've just started to test this strategy on a demo account, but I'm having a bit of trouble finding out exactly when to enter and exit trades. I've read over and over again what the signals should be when entering a trade, but I just don't get it...
Could anyone who is having succes using this strategy please explain to me when you enter and exit a trade? Also, do you use any other indicators for confirmation?
Thank you very much in advance!!

With this system, how many pairs are people following to find trade signals? how many trade signals per day average and what session is being traded? Do I just fill my screen with 20 charts and find every possible trade? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!


Ok, so I have read every post on this methodology and am beginning to try it on my demo account. If anyone out there wants to correspond directly, please let me know forexman05 at yahoo dot com. This forum is AWESOME! Thank you Ed for this site-I have been at this a long time trying to find something that works well. Finally, a website where people can share ideas/methods/feedback. Working in cooperation is the best way to success! All my best.....PS: I will try to update my success on this strategy.

If you read the thread this has been answered at least twice before.

If you have a five digit broker chnage from 25 to 250

U need to go to indi properties and change sublevels to 250

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