Scalping system #14 (EURUSD scalping with Bollinger Bands)

Submitted by Hessel

Currency: EUR/USD
Time Frame: 5M, 1M

Before I explain my simple scalping system, I have to thank Chelo who posted ''Scalping system #7''. I love the simplicity of the system, and it seems to work pretty well! However, I was not fully satisfied about the entry-rules and the stop loss. Prices can move up and up and up between BB 50-2 and BB 50-3.
So I thought about tuning the system up a little bit, making the entries more reliable.

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Hello - any success using this in Asian session?

I would say that's a reasonable stop for a scalping system.


i would never use nothing similar to martingala system... believe, assume loss, stop for a while, get cold, and start winning again


hi, which woul be the stop loss? 10 pips in eur usd would be reasonable??

thanks to all

This strategy works well and is safer during the choppy hours of 3pm-7/8pm EST. 1M and 5M, I use 1M during those hours since the market doesn't move as much, no losses as of yet :)!

I am having trouble with the entries after the price is in the bollingerbands. many time i enter and the the price doesn't reverse it continues up along the bands.
how are you guys filtering these bad enteries.


This is one of the strategies that is very suitable for those hours.

Kind regards,

Would this be a good strategy to trade during the dead zone 3-7pm EST? I hear that this is the best time to safely scalp. What do you guys think?

Hi Vivek,

try focusing at first on 5 min charts, preferably EURUSD, EURGBP and EURCHF pairs.

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Thanks a lot Edward.
I tried to apply this strategy, but i am not finding the correct pairs and timings, most of the time i find myself stuck too long in a trade.
Can you please advice me with the best suitable pairs and time for this strategy, it will be a great help.
Unfortunately, the trading station that i use do not show the back dated charts.
Thanks in advace.

Hey it wouldn't be a bad idea to hedge using this strategy. What do you guys think? A hedge 10 pips from first position entry on a 1M...

Hi Peter,

the challenge with high time frames will be related, first of all, to the timing and perception of trades: with 5 min you're monitoring the market in real time and making decisions quickly while the results return back really fast.

With higher time frames, you won't get the results in 5-15 minutes and you won't monitor trades every hour or so possibly, thus it is more demanding when placing protective stops and managing the risks, which also will be much higher with those time frames.

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Do you think higher time frames can also work with this strategy?


Geeeesh, I wish that I could have employed this scalping strategy a long time ago. I wouldn't have blown half of my account nor spent money on guru information. Dangit!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would place a protective stop just outside the red Bollinger band.
How many pips? It'll depend on a currency pair and the volatility at that time.

Hope this helps,



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