Scalping system #12 (Three EMA's scalping)

Submitted by Peter

I use scalping on three EMA's: 10,21 and 50, on EURUSD 15M, focusing on the 10-EMA to cross over both, 21 and 50 EMA. After a close off the 50 I enter, setting my Stop 5 pips above last candle (the one, which closed off 50 EMA). I do not set a fixed Profit, however change frequently to the 5M to observe if a reversal is near, which would be my signal to exit. For orientation I use ADX 14 with it, however just use it to check/orientat (+ above _ or vice versa, pressure/momentum etc.).

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I think your system is not a really one because you don't tell us abouts exits, about size of lots etc...But I think you could complete. It's worth it.

3 EMA simple trading strategy

Hi TA,

you can learn a lot about divergence trading principles here:

Hi Peter, Could you explain more about Convergence and how you use it. *NEWB* sorry..


Please Screenshoot :)



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