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Scalping system #6-a (Trend Trades)

The popular EMA Bands/Guppy EMA strategy which you all know about has got a happy continuation.

Let me introduce "Trend Trades" by Walter, who has done some great job with moving averages and came up with a system that uses Variable Moving Average (VMA) in its core.

Trend trades

You will be able to learn the principles and rules of trading from the .pdf files attached below.

Let's just say that with a handy VMA indicator you will have more vision in telling trending markets from sideways moving markets and jump on in a trade that is developing a healthy momentum.

Enjoy trading!







All you have to do is unzip a template and then put it in MT4 folder called "Templates".

When you open a trading Platform go to: Menu Charts -> Template -> Load Template.. -> FantailVMA3.tpl

If you don't see your template file there there might be 2 problems:

a) you haven't restarted a platform after copying files;
b) you've copied .tpl file to /Experts/Templates folder instead of main /Templates folder.

Well, everything else should work like a charm.
See you on the wining side!

Alex Wakemann,
Forex Strategies Team

Thanks for this promising system. I put the above files into my MT4 platform. I get the rainbow part of the template, but no black line. Can someone tell me the parameters so I can add this myself, or how to otherwise fix it?



Hi All-

Very nice , but............... go to- . Scroll down to Lever 70 .

Not as pretty , but it works !

George F.

GREAT, Thanks dude ... :)



Hey Marie,

Make sure you've also added FantailVMA3.mq4 indicator to Experts/indicators folder.

When done take a closer look at the chart, I believe that initially the VMA line appears in yellow instead of black. Just change its color in settings.


Hi! Can this indicator be added to CMS Forex's VT Trader? If yes, please tell me how.

For VT Trader you need indicator files with extensions: *.vtscr.
Unfortunately, *.mq4 files won't run there.


Hi Alex,

could you tell me how to change the yellow line to black re your response to Marie.



Hi Paul,

Right Click on VMA indicator line, go to properties:

MT4 indicator color change

go to Colors, double click on Yellow field and change it to whatever color you like.

MT4 indicator color set