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Forex trading strategy #7 (Simple breakout System)

The idea behind this simple Forex trading system is to capture an early move of the price when it starts to establish its new direction/trend for the day.

As we know the Frankfurt market opens at 2:00 am EST (which is 7:00 am GMT), then an hour later the other giant - London market opens at 3:00 am EST (which is 8:00 am GMT). The European session is the first major session for each coming day.

So, what do we do?
We start with 1 hour time frame, preferred pair - GBP/USD and no indicators.

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can anyone elaborate why 1H Tf is used when actual entry is on 5min or 15 min charts.also do i consider the period to watch out as 6-7 GMT or 7-8 GMT

Would this strategy work for the yen pairs (USDJPY,EURJPY,GBPJPY,AUDJPY) by trading the breakout at the open of the Tokyo session? Thanks.

Does it also need to be a bullish bar when buying and bearish bar when selling? Thanks.

Hi, I'm using this strategy on USD/JPY but on M1 chart not on H1. Does anyone knows how can i change the settings on Quantina robot to trade on H1 too?