Forex trading strategy #42 (14 EMA + SAR)

Submitted by Egudu

Hi guys, I want to give yet another simple system, and I mean it's really simple, so here it is:

EMA 14 applied to high
EMA 14 applied to low
Parabolic SAR (step 0.02, 0.2)

Time frame: 1hr
Currency: any but I prefer EUR/USD

Entry: place a buy order when price closes above the 14 high and PSAR is also under the candle, while you place a sell order when price closes below the 14 low and PSAR is above the candle.

SL is 50-60pips while take profit is 60-100pips.

Re-entry could be made if prices are still under or above the channel of the 14 high and low and PSAR reverses then ligned up again in the direction of the channel.

I am really finding it hard to post charts, so i guess you could set up the charts using the information i have given, and if you don't get it, drop me your questions.

like I would always say, fx is the simpliest business on earth, and easy money, please don't make it hard, thanks.


Edward Revy,

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Nice system
I will test it

thanks a lot my FX friend (EGUDU)

awesome strategy nice profit take idea thank u so much.

Hello mr egudu, thanks u for the post. Can u Ppls suggest a strategy that can help to make consistent profit for me. I have tried forex trading before and I lost my money but I believe I can still make it in it. Pls is forex trading really profitable? Advice. Pls and help out.thanks.

Hi Egudu, I think this strategy easy to use, but what is the winning ratio of this strategy ?

where can i get the EMA??

Do the opposite of what ever you did to loose 4500...


i have lost over usd4,500. i am fed up and thinking abandoning forex. can anybody rescue me by giving me a sure profitable strategy.

Hi User, are you spreadbetting on IG Index in UK? If so you might want to look at etxcapital platform - they have advanced charts that enable you to select different EMAs and to colour uptrends and down trends etc. Don't know how the spreads compare etc, but for charting it's pretty good. Alternatively try any Metatrader 4 platform provider - you can download free as demo trader from Alpari or any other broker and use that for your charts and IG Index as your trading platform

Hi, I'm using IG Index as my trading platform. My question is that how do you display the EMA 14 high and EMA 14 low. Currently I can only display the EMA,which i think takes the price at close. Cheers

This is a good Strategy.

I have automated it into an EA with several minor changes. I am using T3 Tilsons rather than EMAs. They can be set as EMAs by setting their factor to zero.

I am also using a Martingale on the losing trades with a naximum of 32 simple lots per trade. I am allowing only 1 trade to be open at a time. If I have 3 losing trades, or more, in a row, it reverses Buys for Sells and Sells for Buys, continually, until there is a winner. Also, whenever there is a Stop or Limit signal to close a trade, I allow the trade to run until the end of the period rather than closing it immediately upon Stop or Limit.

One other thing is that I have added a 3rd T3 Tilson that acts on Median prices rather than closes. Along with the Psar, it signals when to open new trades based on relationships with the other 2 Tilsons and the price. Lots of variations could be made to this. But it is working well so far.

thanks guys,i am putting a system i think you guys would really like,till then suggestions and comments are welcome.Egudu

excellent and great ,this is a new year gift for me. thanks for sharing Egudu, God Bless you, some other folks would have asked for cash before sharing.

Hi, I cannot say how much parts of this helped my system, just added the fine tuning element to a system I have traded for some time and has helped cut out some of the "bad trades", I day trade eur/usd on tick charts in HA mode with my own setting on stochastic, the MA14 element, just gave me the added edge, I have being trying to achieve for a while. Thanks again.

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