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Forex trading strategy #1-a (SFT Simple Strategy)

Submitted by R.

Hi everyone,

As I promised while ago, I am bringing my whole setup for this strategy (Simple balanced system). I have been trading live for quite some time and this TA is one of few lasting without major optimization for couple of years.

I am not going to say Try this or Try that. I am bringing this system with everything and it will be up to You to test it or trade it live or do whatever You wanna do with it. I do have EAs based on exact rules as well. But not going to share it for now. since everything will be here same as in the source of the EA.

The main reason I am sharing this is, that I already made money with it, either You believe it or not. And the most important reason why I am bringing the TA + rules with whole Money Management is, that internet is full of "smart" guys recommending this or that, but having no clue, WHY would they even use such recommendations.

I hope it will help some of You to learn from my setup and possibly make some pips with it later. This year has been historic for forex and we could feel that based on our strategies acting. Next year could be the same or worse. Do a hundreds of backtests, demo trades and learn each indicator in this strategy before You decide to go Live, but most importantly - Stick to the rules of the system!!!!
Be disciplined and You are going to make money!!!

Wish You all Merry Christmas, Happy and profitable next Year!!!!

Alright. Here am I with somehow basics of this system used by me. Use it at Your own risk. There is no system as holly grail in this business. The holy grail is in You and Your ability to use it!

Indicators: Average Daily Range
Bar Clock
Scripts: BUY_SFT
Set SL to BE
Template: Sft Template

System with detailed rules in PDF: SFT_Simple_Strategy.pdf

Useful stuff and utilities to use with this strategy: SFT_technical_utilities_English.rar

Enjoy everyone!


PS: Info for those who has no experience with MT4!
Zip file including usefull materials for this strategy . Scripts goes to Metatrader->Experts-> Scripts (when You open MT4 set Hot key for each script to make Your trading easier and faster), Template goes to Metatrader -> Templates , Indicators goes to Metatrader->Experts->indicators. Log is PDF to be printed manually filled by pen :o)

You can modify BUY, SELL Scripts in METAEDITOR of MT4. In the source of the scripts i left english explanation . You can also set Hot Key per each script to make Your trading faster and easier (Navigator -> Scripts -> Right Mouse click over desired script -> set hotkey)

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. I've read some of the topics, and I've learnt something from it.

Merry Christmas!!

Thanks man you opend my eyes Happy new year

Thanks for sharing the whole mindset. Can this system be successful on the daily charts?
Thanks again

Hey everyone !

Hope You have had a great holidays . First let me appologize for English Version of my setup. I am not Native english speaker so my writing is somehow funky. But still i hope You understand it well enough .
To answer Questions about different time frames !! I belive with right setup and systematic approach You can be succesfull with any TF . Since i have been testing and trading Live succesfully on 5M and it takes lots of times and hard work to test it with different setups and TFs i have never put system together based on higher TFs than 5M . The reason is simple. I want to get in and out the same day i open the position based on this strategy. I do use 2 more strategies to trade mine and clients accounts on larger TFs as swing and longer term investments. Mostly to diversify my portfolio and risk on each of the account. So YES ,i am sure it works on larger TFs , if well testet and inteligent Money and Risk management is included .

Wish everyone great Year and just my 2 cents here: January is a USD winner . Statistically taken USD gain about 1.5% on average on EUR in January ( Not a trading advise - just watch and see) .

Good Luck if You need it, otherwise stay disciplined and You will make Money !!



Thanks for sharing the strategy. I have one query.
How do you define the SL/TP. In the pdf you had given as SL to be 10% of ADR & PL will be 15%. Can you please explain with examples. For example if the ADR is 1000 then SL = 100 & PL = 150 pips right.


Hello Dorai,

Example of Sl/TP based on % of ADR is exactly right. I do trade low spread pairs only, and this set up is optimal for spreads up to 2 pips on 5 min chart. You will need to consider higher spread to include in the setting. For example 1% of ADR extra per SL/TP if Your spread is over 2 pips.


Hi, a quick question, does the candle have to open at the same time as the 5 & 10 EMA cross?.
Thanks for sharing.


After the MA cross we are waiting for next BAR or Candle to open. Position is executed as market odred upon new bar opening . Stoch and RSi have to be TRUE as well to execute order !


PS: If i have got enough time, i will show this strategy in LIVE trading session online one of the days ,so everyone understand the rules ,entry and exit points and my trading approach to it. I will let know in here soon.