Scalping system #3 (2 SARs to go)

Be prepared to watch the price constantly. Monitoring the price is not an easy job.

Trade the most active hours – London and New York.
EUR/USD 5 min
GBP/USD 5 min
(optionally may also trade AUD/USD)
SAR (0.01, 0.1) – on the chart
SMA 8 – on the chart
MACD (5, 8, 9) + SAR (0.01, 0.1) on this MACD

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I am using the Oanda Platform and I am unable to get the SAR(0.01,0.1) inside the MACD(5,8,9). I checked with Oanda but I was told that its not possible to do that on the platform. This is my conversation with them:

"Please wait for an agent to respond.

OANDA: Thank you for choosing OANDA. How may I help you?
Locksley: my problem is that i am trying to get an MACD(5,8,9) with a SAR(0.01,0.1) inside it. How can i do that.
OANDA: You are looking for a specific SAR indicator ?
OANDA: We offer MACD indicator on the platform.
OANDA: We have the Parabolic SAR indictor
Locksley: I was reading a trading strategy that requires this setup. But the did see an indicator in your list to do this.
OANDA: You only can add both separately to the chart, there is no actual feature available to combine the two indicators so that the function will place the SAR into the MACD indicator
Locksley: I know how to get Parabolic SAR on the chart but I want it inside the MACD as well.
OANDA: Unfortunately this kind of indictor combination is not supported "

Can anybody help?

Download it here: Parabolic_SW.mq4

Put it into ...\experts\indicators.
Restart the platform.
Go to "Insert" -> "Indicators" -> "Custom" -> "Parabolic SW"

this indicator shows SAR dots based on MACD indicator, MACD itself isn't visible.



i download the sar on mcd at, but in my mt4 chart when i click that sar indicator, the indicator doesn't appear on my chart. please help me...

Can anyone tell me how to get sar ont macd?

The best time is definitelly when NY and London hours overlap. However, if you want to extend your scalping session, it is OK to trade from London open to NY close.


Thanks for your answer. Also I'd like to know what you mean by "Trade the most active hours. London and New York" Should I trade when London and New York are opened simultaneously or can I trade too when only NY or only London is opened ?

I'm afraid not.
It would produce too many signals without allowing to profit from price moves.

The only time you can actually try it on 1 min time frame would be from 8am to 9am Eastern time, when volume of trades rises, price shifts get larger, and some good trends are looking to be established.


Hello Edward, does this strategy work on 1 min-chart ?

It is SAR on MACD line, which is Fast line.

I use Sierra Charts. Is the SAR on the MACD fast line, slow line or histogram?

Hi Chris,

Edward's email is

It might be faster reaching him first.


Hi Edward,
I am very new about 30 days. I have found small success so far. I have tried this system for about 3 days now and have been more than happy with the results. Is there a way for me to email you directly i have just a few questions. Trust me i have paid money for scams already in the first 30 days and have a bunch of junk in my head. Tying to clean it out. My email is chris.patriarco[at]
Thank you,
Chris Patriarco

Hi Paul,

To add a custom indicator to MetaTrader platform:
On you computer find a folder with MetaTrader, look inside for folders => experts -> indicators. Copy your indicator there.
Reopen the platform. The indicator should appear in the Custom Indicators menu.


how do you download it to mt?
Thanks, Paul

Hi Edward,

I made custom Parabolic SAR for anyone who use MetaTrader base on this strategy.

Download from


Put it in \experts\indicators\ folder. And you can drag and drop this indicator to your MACD from your "custom indicators" in MT navigator area.

I hope it will help anyone here.

Best Regards,
Admin of Viking234


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