Forex trading strategy #7 (Simple MACD crossover)

Trading with MACD indicator is widely used by Forex traders.
Let's take a glance at the very basis of currencies trading with MACD indicator.

We will need only MACD indicator with standard settings: 12, 26, 9.
Any time frame as well as any currency pair can be used.

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For EUR/USD Timeframe H1, lets try this parameters (19,39,9); used Gerald Apell MACD like in Oanda Charts or Netdania Charts or FX-Trek Platform:

forex strategy

But i'm not sure with Metatrader.4 MACD (Histogram by Thomas Asphray)

forex strategy

Please feel free for comment; Thanks.



Please help me to understand what did you mean by asking about MACD and ATR meaning?
Thank you.


what is the meaning of MACD AND ATR

Hi all

First post here, my trading strategy is built around the MACD, I trade mainly the GBP/USD off the 15 min chart, (but this works just as well with 10m, 30m, 1,2,3,4 hr) add a TEMA to the price, set at 40, the tema follows the price action, the setting cuts out the "noise" of the price movements, thus when the MACD crosses and on the close of the 1st histo bar, if the TEMA is present, it indicates a valid trade, as with most, best working in a trending market.


The two lines of MACD behave exactly the same as MACD histogram.
When 2 lines cross, the same moment the histogram flips above/below zero line. They (lines and histogram) duplicate each other.

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Hi Edward,

In regards to the two lines in the MACD crossing. I am just a little unsure of a couple of things. If the two lines cross whether it be below or above the oo line, does the histogram tell us whether its a buy or a sell. For example, if the two lines cross and they are both above the 00 line, but the histogram is below the 00 line, is that an indication sell? In short, is it that the two lines crossing is an indication to get on a trade, and the histogram line, whether it is below or above the 00 line, is the indicator of whether to buy or sell??

Hi, Here is what I have. You will have to Google to find proper settings.


Does anyone know where i can get time zone clock as indicator so it always shows me the different time and opening ours for othr markets. I have seen some screen shots on this site containg same info but cannot seem to find it any where on the net


9 EMA method perfects the entry point after your main strategy/indicator has produced a valid setup and a signal to go in.


Hi Edward,

I was just reading about the 9 EMA method. Is this best described as a secondary signal to aid any other indicator you are using??


Try half MACD: 6, 13, 5.

Hello Guys
Whats is a good MACD setting for EUR/USD 1 Min or 2 Mins?

Hi Merz,

The indicator was created for Metatrader 4 platform, while you're using Trading Station - a different platform from FXCM.
As far as I know, FXCM offers several trading platforms, simply make sure you download MT4 platform for your demo trading.


Hi Edward

You mentioned, "Here is a good customized version of MACD.
Unzip and add it to your trading platform.
Review How to add custom indicators to MT4 if needed."

I am using FXCM demo account. Love your site.... in short, simply the best!

After following your instruction, I still could not see the new indicators in my Trading Station. I noticed the file extension given here is .mq4 while the file extension inside my "indicators" folder are .lua and .lua.rc. Could this be the problem? If so, how can I solve this?

Thanks a million Edward!

Hi Suribaba,

The gray line is EMA 12, yellow - EMA 26.
The signal there means to Sell on M1, which is 1 minute time frame.
Later, you've highlighted the re-establishment of an uptrend according to MACD on 1 min chart.



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