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Complex trading system #19 (The Chicken Walk)

Hi Edward!
I am a "second war", came here from Vietnam
Today I sent a war turns to show you System I call it "chicken walk"
visible point in the "chicken walk" the trend is type the command

Operating a "chicken walk"

Currency: any
Time frame: any

Tools: Andrews Pitchfork, Fibo,

** The first draw Andrews Pitchfork that passes through four points A, B, C, E (kg important point D)

** Andrews Pitchfork to define Uptrend (downtrend). Figure on the uptrend

** Define the line between the cover line of the height H Andrews Pitchfork

** You can use accounting to determine Fibo 75% and 25% of the height H (for ease of one who can see the blue trendline marked Fibo 25%)

** With Uptrend just hit buy, do not sell, downtrend, the opposite

Entry: I wait for prices to hit bottom edge of the Andrews Pitchfork buy stop orders are placed at 25% Fibo level (blue) of height H (if hit record carrying a candle reversal signals - as so often happens - well, it is necessary)

TP 1: in line between the Andrews Pitchfork
TP 2: Border face

SL highest (lowest) nearest

system all!

wish you much luck!

sorry for my English level is not good

How do you manage the sideways market? Thanks

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