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Complex trading system #14 (Pivots, SAR + EMAs)

Submitted by Raphael

Hi everyone!

price at a weekly pivot point on 4hrs and a parabolic Sar indicates to anticipated direction, this is the only two clue I like to watch here.

* Now, I will carry the microscope down to hourly chart look 3 ema crossover, in this explanation I will use 7, 14, 21 parameters depending on where the price is going. Let's take downtrend in this case:


* price on a significant weekly point point on 4hrs and parabolic indicates down

* 7 ema crosses 14 ema and extends through 21 ema, this will manifest after the last cross I mean 7 cross 21 ema, and RSI is below 50 level not oversold.

* The last thing I will like to do here is to carry the microscope much down to 15 mint and the only thing I will do here is to look for my default RSI and I make sure is not oversold.

Take profit and stop parameter

Take profit - like some pips before the next significant weekly pivot point
stay in until hourly parabolic Sar indicates to opposite direction in this case until parabolic Sar indicates to an uptrend I have chart below that will explain more

Stop parameter - some pips above that significant pivot that made you to go for the trade.

Ibunkunoluwa Raphael.

Hi Raphael,

thank you for sharing the strategy with us!

The link to the image wasn't found, unfortunately. Could you please re-upload it and post a link to it int the comment? Thank you!

Best regards,

Update: thank you for taking time to send the images!

iMho: Charts full with the indicators. Regards: Manus168

This Raphael ! anyone that thinks my analysis above is not clear please feel free to ask me anything concerning the strategy above and i will give you the best answer with no time but i think i had use the simplest way even the chart above to explain it.

sorry my friend but what is the signal for entry? when we will enter the trade? can u explain plz

like i explained above this is all about ema crossover the first thing is your hourly chart and is your comfirmation ,7 crosses over 21 ,parabolic sar in that direction and RSI below 5o level lets use down in this explanation

4hrs is your trend - price at a significant weekly pivot point parabolic indicates down dont forget we're using down trend in this explanation

15mint is your entry -base on you had filter price well from 4hrs and 1hr the only thing you need here is in this case of down trend your 15mint RSI must below 5olevel but not oversold that is your entry
and i think that answers your question

Hi Raphael,

I like this strategies combination.

I feel very comfortable with the strategy, but I want a detailed article to read on PIVOT POINTS.

Can you be of help to direct me to a link or a textbook. I will appreciate. Thanks..


Adewale ! i want to be nice enough with you ,you made me to remember those day when am still searching for how to trade with pivot point , i think you can find this link useful.

Ebunoluwa Raphael.

Adewale ! i will like to hear from you if you really prefare where i refered you to.