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#11 Step Trend

Strategy by Kirim

Currency: ANY
Time Frame: 1 Hour
Indicators: StepMa(Changed Kwatr Settings to 2.0), Macd Dot(12,26,9), Zig Zag

This is a very simple and useful system.Its good when the Market is Trending.

Any new idea is welcome. We may improve it.


Hi Kirim,

thank you for sharing your idea.
I've found the following two indicators:

out of which may attention rather caught the Stoch version of the StepMA.

Below is my vision of how we may use it, in particular for Scalping (although non-scalping approach is also possible):

Use 1 min or 5 min Time
Set StemMA Stoch to (10, 2, 0)
Use MACD (12, 26, 9) - download MACD_AllcoloredMM2_4.mq4

Trading rules:

Use StepMA_Stoch to establish the trend bias:
above the purple line - prepare to buy,
below the purple line - be ready to sell.

I like how the Step indicator is able to hold it tight, while MACD jumps back and forth during the sideways move.

Step MA scalping

With StepMA_Stoch bias now look at MACD. MACD is our entry indicator.
Notice that MACD consists of 2 types of green bars (thin and thick) above zero and 2 types of red bars below zero.

Our actions step-by-step:

1. StepMA_Stoch above the purple line - get ready to buy as soon as MACD permits.
Both signals should be present: from MACD and StepMA_Stoch, but it doesn't matter in which order they arrive.
2. MACD crosses above zero for the first time - it always starts with thick green bars - we wait till thick bars change to thin bars. No trading is done at this time - patience is the key. Thin bars represent a retracement after which we want to enter. We finally place a buy order when the first thick MACD bar appears after the thin bar(s). A necessary condition to buy is - StepMA_Stoch must be above the purple line.
3. you can further add on to your exiting trades each time you have thick MACD bar after a thin histogram bar.

Opposite rules apply when selling.


Exit when StepMA_Stoch crosses its purple line.
Exit when you think you've earned a lot and MACD's thick bar is changing to a thin bar.
Also I've noticed that we can prepare to exit (tighten the stop, activate a trailing stop) if StepMA_Stoch (10, 1, 0) reaches its upper boundary (set at 1), or lower (set at 0). It doesn't have to hit is square on, but you'll see what I mean if you scroll back charts.

Happy trading!

Forex system by Kirim

This is how i trade with StepMa indicator.I'll try your strategy and tell you later what i did.And i have more strategies with StepMa indicator i'll post it soon.Thanks for sharing your ideas.

i have two more Step indicators i'd like to share.


Your system is interesting, I like StepMA too, but only with trending markets, otherwise it will give false signals

Let's Catch the trend earlier.
At this pic. we use 1 hour and 15 min.I hope it's easy to understand.I am trying to improve the system and my english.

profitable day for me:)

That's looking very good indeed.
Thank you, Kirim for the great trading examples!

Could you advise if you are using the same STEPMA as I do (StepMA_Stoch_NK.mq4)
If not, could you share with us the correct indicator, please.

In the mean time, I'm going to move your system from the Developing section to MT4 systems, so that it will take its permanent place on our pages.

I'm also going to try it this week to evaluate trades myself.

Best regards,

Thanks for your interest Edward.I am very glad.

I am working on the Forex Markets more than 4 years and i want to be successful like any other traders.So i know i need to work more and more and more...

Your Step indicator is exactly the same one which i have.

By the way i am trying to use it with Parabolic Sar.I had good profits.I'll send it soon.
So i'll be needed your valuable information.


Thanks, it looks like great.Where can I download MACD_AllcoloredMM2_4.mq4 indicator?