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Forex trading strategy #11 (GBP/USD breakouts)

Credits to James Ayetemimowa - our valued contributor!


when it is 1 hour to london open, draw lines on the highest high since midnite and lowest low since midnite, just trade the breakout and let ur stop loss be at the high of the candle that broke the low line for short trade and the low of the candle that broke the upper line for long trade

if u experience a breakout before New York Open, please target the first 30pips

if beyond New York Open before a break please target between 10 to 20 pips

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Happy Trading!!!

James Ayetemimowa
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What is your SL with this method? Could we vary the amount of pips targets, depending on market conditions?

Also at what point would we condier cancelling the trade if it has not been touched?

Thanks in advance :-)

Hi SM,
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Thank you1

a very convenient working strategy is the macd on set as 27 10 7. but you have to b disciplined to b contented with 8-10pips per position.
secondly,combining it with SMA 5 and 10, ie were SMA 5 cut SMA 10 towards

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if any one has a strategies send it to me [email protected]


I have a system in h1 time frame. this system usually use in silent market. I am optimizing that and post it for you in future.

please use chart to explain this GBPUSD strategy. Thanks

a picture would be fine

Thought I would help Edward by offering my screeshot:

breakout after london Forex system


I understood that we take midnight GMT to 7am GMT candlesticks for this method. At 8am GMT London market opens, so we are good 1 hour before it at 7am.

I have EST running platform, so midnight GMT corresponds for me to 8pm EST, and 7am GMT to 2am EST, which you can see I've tried to highlight.
8am GMT is 3am EST - time when London market opens.
Simple math, nothing more.

So, the range is marked with solid yellow lines. This is the range we'll use for a breakout. Dashed yellow lines, are just an extension to help you see where the actual breakout occur today.

Hope it helps. Robby