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#16 (Crystal Trend)

Submitted by Crystal Markets


My four years’ experience in the forex market, I realize the major problem of traders is entry and exit. A lot of trend trading techniques out there but you will agree that we have just few ways to filter entries and exits.
TO help traders out there I sort the permission of my company to let go one of our trading strategies for your review. Trust me, its profitable if you follow the rules.


- BB_STOP default setting (20 periods)
- Stochastic 4,2,2
- Fisher 50 periods




Apply the above indicators to your 4hour and 30min timeframes. The Direction of the BB_stop is our trend and the Fisher together with the Stochastic with multi-timeframe analysis will help for entry and exit.
When BB_Stop is SELL (for example) make sure the fisher histogram is falling (regardless the colour) as the picture below.

Ones you spot this, move to the 30min timeframe make your entry when the stochastic is on or above the 80level for a SELL. Check the Picture below

Now follow your trade. Exit the trade only when Fisher histogram of the 4hour timeframe changes direction. Close at profit or loss. Remember your risk management.

DEMO trade this strategy to convince you or visit

Happy Trading!
Crystal Markets

Hi thanks for your time in posting this system,with regards stoploss do you use a hard stoploss or only exit when fisher turns the other direction.
Please what pairs do you find the best when trading this system.

I would use the BBSTOP as the stoploss, kinda like the psar..

Im sure any pair would be good, but I wonder how this system would hold up in a ranging market...

any chance you can zip the fisher for us? I don't know how to compile indicators/eas,

Here are zipped indicators:

Thanks i will demo trade this system,how long have you been trading this system looks intresting,i like the multi timeframe methods more positive results.
while checking past signals i see that we need to check the time difference between the 4 hr giving the signal and the stoch on the 30 min confirming,and make sure the 4hr fisher has not changed direction before you enter the trade.
Do you also only trade the 1st signal after the bb bands change,and do not re-enter the same trade if the fisher changes back to the same direction again.
Or do you wait for the next bb bands change to enter a new position,i hope i am clear

The fisher changing direction is for your EXIT, the exit could be stoploss or takeprofit as the case may be. Range bound market is well taken care of. Ensure you do a good demo and you will enjoy it before going live.

Crystal Markets

you can also download the fisher indicator from

Crystal Markets

I have been demo trading the system today and had 2 trades thus far,i like the system,however i found that the fisher changing the bars length 2 bars back which was not good for the profits.
Therefore i have found a (fisher yur4k corret accurate) indicator that does not change once printed(they say)and i will check this and let you know
Crystal have you found these issues with the fisher,
As i said i like the system but with the fisher repainting the length of the bars back,this could be a problem.