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#17 (Trendlord on Sweetspots!)

Submitted by Trader.

I have been using this strategy for over 4months with 96% success. It uses 3 indicators, sweetspots, Trendlord and Super profit.
The system made 3000 pips last month alone and I have decided to share this system as it seems accurate enough to any Forex trader ( I did add alerts to enable me receive alerts via email when my strategy is met.)
I really never regretted trading the system as it is simple and straight forward and easy to spot entry and exit..

(contains TrendLord.ex4 and Sweetspots.mq4)

Trendlord: Two color bars Red (Downtrend) & Green (Uptrend)
Sweetspots: Strong resistance,, wreak resistance, strong support and weak support(Yeallow lines)

Easy to setup

Timeframes: 1Hr & 4Hr (Tested on London and US sessions)

Strategy: LONG
Trendlord: Green
Sweetspot: Price close above sweetspot

Strategy: SHORT
Trendlord: Red
Sweetspot: Price close Below sweetspot

Target: 50-150 pips per trade

Thankyou for the share,please tell me what pairs you are trading with your system

Please post the super profit indicator,what setting are you using?

Nice ... ;) Regards : Manus168

Looks like a great system. What is the setting of sweetspots for 5 digit broker?


hi user can u guide me how to save this file in mt4

This is LSMA

Hi There,
I like your strategy,clean and simple. I have a couple questions for you if you don't mind. How do you determine your stop loss and when to exit the trade, or do you just set a 50 pip target? Is the red and green colored moving average your Super Profit indicator and is it important to your strategy? Could you please post that indicator if it's important! And lastly, which pairs do you trade with using this system?

Thanks again for posting your strategy !!.....Phil

Hello user,
thanx for sharing ur strag. looks ok bt the trendlord red and yellow curve lines aren't showing on my MT4.