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#9 MACD filter RSI

Currency: EUR/USD, USD/CHF
Time frame: 1 HOUR
Indicators: MACD(12,26,9) RSI (7) MACD DOT (12,26,9)

Download: MACD_Dot.mq4

BUY SİGNAL: After RSI touched oversold area(20) wait for the first Blue MACD dot appear, close the candle then buy.

SELL SİGNAL: After RSI touched overbought area (80) wait for the first Red MACD dot appear. close the candle then sell.

Stop Loss: I put 50
Take Profit: 35

you can see the details at the attachment..

MACD Filter RSI trading system

It always amazes me how many simple systems there are to trade!

Best wishes,


Thanks for the Dot.mp4. I use a similar system on 5 min eur.usd. MACD settings 8,17,9. Now I can have dots to.

Nice system man. I appreciate your effort. I like the way your MACD looks, can you tell me where can a get it?.


Not sure how to download the macd dot indicator

Right click on the link,
Save target as... for Explorer
or Save link as... for FireFox


I used to have that MACD too, just can't find at the moment.
I've found a similar MultiTimeFrame MACD:


All MACD v1[1].0.mq4

In settings change parameters for: Time Frames and barsPerTimeFrame to get a required result.


Thanks a lot for the indicator, looks very usefull.

Nice trading to all,


Thank for the comments.I love colored Macd.You can download it now.

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