#18 (Swing Strategy)

Submitted by Emad

Time frame: 30M and higher I prefer 1H
Currency: Any

Bollinger Bands_stop_v2 ( length 20)
Fisher ( period 30 )

Download: Swing.rar


Long: buy when all blue and fisher above zero
Short: sell when all red and fisher lower than zero

Exit: when fisher change colour
Stop loss: in long down the bollinger_bands, in short above bollinger_bands.


Edward Revy,

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Thank you for sharing

Hi guys

I'm so happy that a lot of you get benefit of my strategies , and many of you changing in the strategy to be suitable to you and trying different periods to get the best , I love you people , thank you all to be active and start get win every month , I'm so proud of you


I am using Fisher to make decisions but I am trading on 1H and ALWAYS confirming on 4H and Daily. So If I am getting signal on 1H but 4H/Daily is in different direction I am waiting what will happen. Or trade just on 4H and 1H use for best time to take trade (on the top of different direction wave). I am still not sure about profit target (it is different on different time frames of course). What is signal for you that trend is over? I am using fact that Fisher is moving down/up to zero line and Heiken Ashi start change color. Because if I will wait for example till Fisher change color I lose lot of pips...
And I have also edited Fisher and I am using period 50.

Hey Guys, Use Only The Fisher No Repaint ONLY!!!!!

Be Careful, Fisher Indicator Is Very Tricky. It Gives False Signals. wait for three fishers before taking the trade.. email me for any question [email protected]

I've never seen fisher before but, just going back through some charts, it seems like it's better to just trade it and use nearest support or resistance as your stop. I see a lot of places where the bollinger band takes you out when you shouldn't. Anybody see anything better?

Capital From USD1000 boooom up to USD34,750 just 2 month, woooow... amazing
if side way market like not over 80pips movement, stop trade and enjoy your holiday.
beat the fx bug

What is difference between Fisher 30 and 50? What about other two settings for Fisher (0.30)? Keep it or change? I have tried set to 50 and looks like less false signals for Fisher. What is your Profit Target on 4H Chart? How long you are usually in trade(how many days for example)?

Hi. What is different for Fisher indicator when you change it from 30 to 50? And what about values "PriceSmoothing" (now set 0.3) and "IndexSmoothing" (now set 0.3)? Keep it like it is or change as well?
How many days are you keep open trades on 4H chart approximately?

The Bb Are Signals. Activate Them. Trade Only When You See the signal. Use fisher as confirmation.

What is the fisher no repair file for? I dunno how to read bb indication and please

Adjust Fisher To 50, Trade 4H Chart! Come Down To 15M Charts To Take Trade. Bag Huge Pips! Bless You Emad For This Strategy, Changed My Trading Life

Hi does it work on Binary Option?

I haven't this indicators . please can any one give me indicators and the template thank you

Is there a way these indicators can be used for FXCM trading station that uses .Lua files?

Thank you


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