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#18 (Swing Strategy)

Submitted by Emad

Time frame: 30M and higher I prefer 1H
Currency: Any

Bollinger Bands_stop_v2 ( length 20)
Fisher ( period 30 )

Download: Swing.rar


Long: buy when all blue and fisher above zero
Short: sell when all red and fisher lower than zero

Exit: when fisher change colour
Stop loss: in long down the bollinger_bands, in short above bollinger_bands.


it seems wonderful,i m going to try and make back test
thnks for your share

Can I use this strategy on 4h or daily charts?

Interesting strategy, but how set TP and also False signals?

looks delicious ! thank you very much EMAD !


is there a way to avoid the re painting fisher or fix it

pls add my email
I need your support I have some queries

Hi all
happy hunting for all
* yes you can use it for all time frames but for me I like 1H
* for take profit I recommend to use trailing stop 50 pips or 40 pips
* Bon appetit :)
* for fisher it dosn't matter because you get entry point after fisher give signal by 3 or 4 candles you have to wait confirmation from Hieken_Ashi_Smoothed and Bollinger Bands_stop ,but for you guys I will give you fisher don't re painting :)

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