#18 (Swing Strategy)

Submitted by Emad

Time frame: 30M and higher I prefer 1H
Currency: Any

Bollinger Bands_stop_v2 ( length 20)
Fisher ( period 30 )

Download: Swing.rar


Long: buy when all blue and fisher above zero
Short: sell when all red and fisher lower than zero

Exit: when fisher change colour
Stop loss: in long down the bollinger_bands, in short above bollinger_bands.


Edward Revy,

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Use 4H Charts Instead. Less False Entries

Sir the original fisher was good because it was giving buy or or sell signal before bolinger and henki, where as fisher no repainting gives one candle after. Can you make the fisher no repainting like that.

Thank you

Hello can you add fisher no repaint to your temp

What will be the best setting for fisher no repainting? same 30? will it be same for all time frame?

Hello Sir Emad, couple of posts before somebody has asked about what we do with sideline market and you have mentioned that you are on to that, is there any advice from you that we should apply. Please let us know about if any please.

Hi is there anyway to auto exit a trade once the fisher indicator changes colour. The exit signals always seems to happen when i am not about. I have set stop loss and take profit its just the exit if the trade goes against me

Hi all, it looks very promising. Has anybody made EA on it?? Thanks

God Bless You For This Strategy

Thanks for this great strategy, can any one tell me how much u have earned last month?

Hi guys
You can check my trade , now :

Hi Alex

You have to extract the file and copy the tpl file to your metatrader templates file , then copy the indicators to your expert )indicators , then restart your metatrader , open new chart , right click on it choose templates swing

Hello Emad,

I am new to MT4. Can you please explain how to use the Swing.rar file?
Cheers, Alex.

Hi thank for comment , use BB bollinger as stop loss and trail it

Hi, Thank you Mr.Emad For Sharing you Strategy.

Hello Emad.
thnak you so much for the strategy i feel this has great potential in a
moving market.
do you have any advise on stop loss ?

have a good day


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