Scalping system #6 (EMA Bands)

This scalping system was sent by Frank Tenerife (Spain).

Thank you Frank! You contribution is greatly appreciated!

Here is the system:

"This is an efficient system of scalping that works in 1 minute up to 1 day all periods and all Currency pairs

Ema 3
Ema 5
Ema 7
Ema 9
Ema 11
Ema 13
Color yellow

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Hi Paul,

We can't judge about a trend by looking at one candle only. Thus when moving back to 30 min charts we look at overall price direction: is it moving up or down?
There is no need to add any more indicators to 30 min charts. By having same EMAs in place and especially red 55EMA, we can tell what trend in now dominant. We trade only long when we are above 55 EMA, short - below it.


Thomas - I understand . Thanks .


Sorry, Paul

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what happened to my last 2 comments ????


What happened to my SECOND comment several days ago ? Why was it not posted ?


Thanx Edward R.

OK , i am getting the feel of the " squeezes " on yellow and green lines on 5 minute chart . Now YOU suggest using confirmation of trend using 30 min bar or candle . So if I see a squeeze setting up say aound 7 00 and 7 05 or so for a potential Buy . I NOW go to the 30 min. chart at 7 00 and that bar or candle should be an up ( GREEN ) bar or candle. Is that all the confirmation of the trend I need ??
Thanks .


Hi Paul
you count decimals in: when USDJPY moves from 168 to 169 you have 100 pips.
When price moves from 168.20 to 168.25 it is 5 pips.


Edward, sir
New at this , but this mult. Ema's looks good..
Using usd/jpy to practise with.
Not sure of pip value , though , when aiming for 10 Pip target . If price goes from 168 to 169 on USD/JPY is that one Pip ? The decimals are confusing me .
Thanks for helping new guy .


Trend is determined with a help of 55 EMA: long when above 55 EMA, short - below it.


Thank you.
Also, I' like to know what you use to determine the trend, 55 EMA, parabolic SAR (if yes with which settings..)?

Although the strategy doesn't suggest so, you may use mentioned approach and look at larger time frame for directional confirmation. This would indeed increase odds in your favour as you'll be taking only those trades that run with a larger trend and avoid trading on price corrections.


Hi, do you think we also have to check the trend for bigger UT ?
For example, if I have a sell signal on 30 min graph, should I check the trend on H4 graph ? Same question for H1 and H4...

hola frank, soy de Barcelona, como puedo contactar contigo



Good trading for everyone

That's right.


So you set two orders when there is a break of 55 EMA, one with 10 pip take profit and the other that you close when yellow touches green, that's it ?


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