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Scalping system #6 (EMA Bands)

This scalping system was sent by Frank Tenerife (Spain).

Thank you Frank! You contribution is greatly appreciated!

Here is the system:

"This is an efficient system of scalping that works in 1 minute up to 1 day all periods and all Currency pairs

Ema 3
Ema 5
Ema 7
Ema 9
Ema 11
Ema 13
Color yellow

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Hi George,

That would basically mean adding RSI(21) rule.
Alright, I'll check that out :)


Hi George,
My tests about adding a new indicator brought nothing impressive so far. I'll keep on trying.


Hello, I don't get something in the explanation, first you say :
"Take Benefit When Yellow Group Touches The Group Green"

then :

"Take Profit 10 Pip in Breaks Ema 55 And take Profit 5 pips In Pull Back"

So when should we take the profit ??? After 10 pips or when the yellow group touches the green one ?

As far as I interpret it:

your regular profits come from the setups where yellow group touches green group.

When price breaks 55 EMA. There is an additional order to be set and this order will be shooting for 10 pips profit.
In case price rebounds, you go again in the opposite direction to get another 5 pips (I wouldn't probably go for those 5 pips...)


So you set two orders when there is a break of 55 EMA, one with 10 pip take profit and the other that you close when yellow touches green, that's it ?

That's right.


hola frank, soy de Barcelona, como puedo contactar contigo



Good trading for everyone

Hi, do you think we also have to check the trend for bigger UT ?
For example, if I have a sell signal on 30 min graph, should I check the trend on H4 graph ? Same question for H1 and H4...