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Scalping system #17 (Scalping, long term trading)

Submitted by trader.

Ok Here It goes...
This strategy is for scalping and for long term... How?

Open an account on a broker that gives you a high leverage and a micro account and microlots...
for instance I use a account with 100 usd...

1: Open two stop order with 0.02 lots at two 00 level...Like (buystop 1,32500 and sellstop 1,32400 for eur/usd)when price is about 1,32450 level....and wait to trigger one of them than delete the other pending order...
1b: If it triggers than open an pending order(buystop or sellstop) 100points against the triggered order...but your lot should be 0.04 lots...

2: Wait to reach 100 point(10 pips at the former system) for first triggered one than trail your stop to break even and let it go...And trail it 60 point(6 pips)(Metatrader does that automatically)...

3: If it goes against you and triggers the 0.04 lot one than again open a pending order with 0.04 100points against this one...

4: it goes like that...:)

5: My broker has app. 10 point for eur/usd and it let me buy 0.50 lot for 100 usd so I can repeat this 13 times and at the end I only lost 8-10 usd it is not bad..

6: risk reward ratio is not defined.. it changes accordingly your trailing stop.... You can let a trade go to reach 1000 point... or just get the 2 usd. it depends you... But I advise use trailing stop and get much as possible as you can...

7: It is a bad system at the past because spreads were very high.. But now brokers give us ,6 to 10 point spread for eur/usd..

I just started that strategy lets try together....
Sorry for broken language... See ya'


Please explain me in details, when one side BUY Order get trigger. then start explaining your strategy on one direction only with price figers, other side price direction example we will calculate according thaty to vice versa rules

Please mail me on my ID – dpanchawala(at)

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Deepesh Panchawala

hello there
honestly i didn't get most of the system clearly..
does the lot size goes higher on each trade or same on 0.04?if it does, on what increment?
because he/she mentioned about 0.5 lot size!!!im confused..
thanks in advance.

Let me try to re-phrase it, although I don't guarantee that my version would be 100% accurate. But I'll do my best:

We use micro-lots, where 1 micro lot = 0.01 standard lot.

1. Open two pending orders at the closest price levels that end on 0 (if you use a platform with 4 decimal price quotes) or on 00 (for 5 decimal price quotes) as follows:

Buy Stop order(above the price) = 0.02 lots.
Sell Stop order (below the price) = 0.02 lots.

When one order is triggered, immediately cancel the opposite order.

(For example, if we working with 1.3250 and 1.3240 range, there is only 10 pips in between Buy Stop and Sell Stop orders that we will place).

1b. So we have the first order triggered. The other is canceled.
At this point you need to set another pending order, opposite to the one that's been currently running. Distance: 10 pips away, lot size this time = 0.04 lots.

Let it sit there. In case the price goes against your first entry order, you'll be stopped out 10 pips down with this "sitting order" of 0.04 lots, which will cancel out 0.02 lots you kept open and at the same time put opposite 0.02 lots in.

2. We look to gain +10 pips on our first entry, after that move the Stop loss to breakeven and set an automated trailing stop to 6 pips. Let it run until stopped.

3. If those +10 pips aren't reached, then look at step 1b.
Once those 0.04 lots have been triggered in the step 1b, you need to set another opposite pending order 10 pips away. Order size = 0.04 lots.

4. So it closes the circle, where you always have 0.02 lots open and 0.04 lots sitting out as pending orders, which will be ready to reverse your position if needed.

Hope my version helps a bit.

Best regards,

Could you ilustrate it ? I still have some doubts about it.....

I honestly don't see possible ways to illustrate it quickly and make it readable at the same time... Except if to illustrate every single step, then it's possible, but I'm not ready to do that, may be later. Alternatively, you can try to illustrate each step the way you see it, and in this case I'll be glad to help you figure out the rest.

Best regards,

Sounds like a grid trading, Martingale system. Statistically sooner or later it will whipe out the whole account, but I believe with such small targets we can select a proper time for entry like a London and NY opening where volatility is certain and then it should work. The problem still though is that lot is must be very small and profits will be small too, otherwise chance of wipe-out increase. But again, if we can select a volatile market, like GU on London one, there is not much chance we will have too much iteration in the row before we hit +10 pips and move to BE.

hi there, i tried the strategy above mentioned and its one of the best and simplest out there :), one thing though you dont need to cancel the opposite order just let it run 24/7 and keep snowballing the positions.

the trick/s : set the profit target 3times the grid of buy/sel position range
disadvantage: if the price only stagnate within 50 pips for very long time

how i can explain in more detail and clearer :(
i have to register first to this forum !
thanks EDwards and team :)

thanks the team

please advise which brokers provide such service, much appreciated