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Scalping system #16 (Sidekick system)

Submitted by Wolf

Hey Hello! my name is Wolf. I'm from Indonesia.

I love this site, it gives me big development in my trading!

I want to share my "sidekick" strategies. I called Sidekick because usually i use Hourly Time Frame ( I use "Balance simple strategies in this site) but now i want to share my strategies for scalping

Currency : I prefer EUR/USD
Time Frame : 15 minute
What I Use :

Ema 100 (Blue)
Ema 5 (Red)
Ema 20 (Green)
Macd default (12, 26, 9)

The rules.
1. Sell Only when Ema 20 under Ema 100. vice versa.
2. Open sell Only after Ema 5 above EMA 20 and crossing EMA 20 again with confirmation of MACD. Vice versa.
3. Target 8 pips =) (you can get more)

you can see more clearly from the picture.

if you want to use Stop loss, Set it 10 pip above EMA 100. (when sell. vice versa)

Happy trading!

- Wolf -
[email protected]

first thing, that cames into mind, is risk/reward... how long have you traded this system, because I dont think it works in long perspective.

hi wolf , its simple , but good , what about buy rules ?

i have trade for 3 month. while waiting for hourly trading, i use this ^_^.

Buy rules is when ema 20 above ema 100.

the open is when ema 5 under ema 20, then crossing up. MACD confirm.

pardon me, what does long perspective mean? its only for scalping 5-8 pip close.


Its good You like this site and all around it, but please understand, that trading is not just copying old strategies and put whatever You want on chart . You are more spamming ,than helping others . Don't get this wrong . I am glad You are so in to it. Just try to put serious strategy + rules together, based on tested technicall analysis or anything else. This , what You giving us in here in many different ways will for sure confuse everyone. I have seen too much TAs on Charts just from You . R.

whatever i want? where do u pick that sentence? Is not "whatever" .

just pick one and discipline. i just give alternatives. you can check other system if you dont like it. confusing or not is depend on the knowledge of trader.

if you dont like it, dont use it. if its not profitable, dont use it. its simple. i found many system in this site is not profitable, so i didnt use it.


I just want to help with everything i have and everything i can.

When you really want to help people, and they don't consider its handy, what would you do?

90% of systems are profitable. But trading is not just about picking the system . This TA would be profitable as well if use with tight money and risk management. My point is to test this strategy for months before You can say YES IT IS PROFITABLE . If You bring one or two simple TAs like would be fine . But there is many of such on this site only from You . If You would be trading for real..You would be broke by now . I don't want to offend or insult You in any way. I just want to make a point . Hope You will do well !

Hi Wolf, thanks for sharing the system. I am using something like your method, just wonder what method do you do filtering when whipsaw or ranging. Also which signal do you take first, ma cross or macd cross?