Scalping system #22 (Simple scalping)

Submitted by Emad

Time frame: 1M , 5M

It's very simple strategy I used on 1M we use SuperScalper indicator and 100 SMA and 50 SMA.

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Hi all,

The Unit size part for entering trades can be better understood by reading the turtle rules on unit sizing ... A short pdf by Curtis Faith can be found through the following link:


Hi All
Thanx for sharing your idea , congratulation freind go ahead, very nice setup and very good profit well done buddy , but if you please allow to clear the unit part , If you want you can contact me in my e-mail ( [email protected])

Hi Emad, and the rest of fellow traders... this is Henry again - the one that added the mobile alert part to the indicator - , I thought it would be useful if I share my experience on how I'm using this indicator right now.

First of all, thank you very much Emad, at least I owe you some beers already. I'm trading for real from the beginning of December and as today, I'm up 30% already.

Ok, here's how I'm using it:

I found out that - as far as I can see - 4h time frame is the most accurate and fast enough time frame to trade with this indicator. And I made lots of experiments with all time frames. 1D time frame is more comfortable but too slow, meaning, using the 4H time frame you should wake up in the night sometimes to close your trades and open new ones in the other direction. I sleep near my phone and I have almost cut off drinking in weekdays =/

I don't use fisher. I use Bill William's Fractals and I only enter trades on fractal breakouts using buy stops or sell stops orders. Lot sizes for each trade are measured the following way ( according to the turtle trading rules ):

1 unit = [0,01 x Acc. Balance ] / [ ATR x Pip Value in Dollars ]

Stop orders are set the following way:

1st unit at Bill William's fractal breakout in the direction of the trend according to the indicator, stop loss set at 2ATR below or above.

2nd unit at 1/2 ATR above or below the first order, 3rd unit the same until a last 4rth unit. Stop loss always 2ATR below or above.

Whenever I receive a notification, I close the trade and open a new stop order in the other direction.

For security purposes, I hired a VPS server in which I have my MT4 opened with the 7 major pairs ( eurusd, usdjpy, cadusd, gbpusd, usdchf, nzdusd, audusd ), I just don't know how to measure risk with gold and silver. So, I only open and close trades through my smartphone whenever I receive a notification.

I almost can't be at home all day so using just my mobile phone and the indicator running from a VPS was the best option for me. I lost some money at first because the windows server 2008 was set to sleep and to autoupdate and reboot, so I lost some notifications, but it is ok now since I fixed it.

I hope that my experience could be useful for someone. And I will probably be sharing further results in the future.

Does anyone know how to use this fisher indicator in an mql.

when coding what's the syntax to represent the fisher indicator?

At my complete noob level, where I start using this I enter trades exactly when the alert notified me. Well...for 5 times continuously I gained profit RIGHT at the target.

Later then it and fail. Well true, we all can use this but seriously, learn the basics first. Until you've grasp the important knowledge about Forex, this indicator will greatly help in your trading.

* Thank you
* yes I always use level 0.25 and -0.25 , so if it green with all condition go for long if it red with all conditions go for short . by the way this is good qeustion , thnx to remind me I forget to mention

Thank you for sharing this great system. Can you be specific in your use of the Fisher Indicator. Do you look for certain levels before entering a trade? THANKS!!!

awesome Strategy!! :)

Hi all was so busy , sorry
* first comment try to re download it again
* Chris :use superscalper mobile alert to notify you in your mobile it's better
* Steven : in your mobile platform go settings , messages you will find (My ID ) copy it and go for your pc platform in top you will find tools choose options and go put tick on box of enable push notifications and in box down put your ID then ok , you will receive notification in your mobile platform .
* god bless all we are here to help :)

how about news?

thanks for the indicator!!! God bless

Hi i'm steven, just found this wonderful site... Glad to to see Edward great job here.. hats off sir! i did download the mobilealert... but how to set my mobile number/email so it can send notification to my mobile?

Chris : Ι want to ask you something more. I have download the scalper_mobilealert.mq4.
I have allready the superscalper (C:\Program Files\MT4 at easy-forex\experts\templates). Where I must add the new file, and how it can send notification to my phone or to my mail ?
Sorry if my question are stupid for you, but I am new trader.

Wow ! sound great man ... I will try it for next week trading.
- Benjy (Malaysia)


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