Scalping system #22 (Simple scalping)

Submitted by Emad

Time frame: 1M , 5M

It's very simple strategy I used on 1M we use SuperScalper indicator and 100 SMA and 50 SMA.

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Hi the new strategy in here it's mine called strategy for ( EURJPY 15M)

Hi Henry I did send you e-mail check it and let me know:)

Hi! this is Henry again. I've done some modifications to the superscalper so it could send notifications to my iphone. So, I can't load the indicator to my phone but I still use 9(violet)/20(lightblue)/55(orange)/120(white) EMAs and Awesome Oscillator for trend analysis.

Then, I let it run on my computer at home ( I don't use the template, just the ex4 indicator) and whenever I get a notification on my iPhone I would open my MT4 App and if trends and AO are in an agreement I enter the trade, if they're not in agreement I don't enter.

For me it is a way of keeping away "overtrading". I tried this yesterday and made 8%. Today I'm -8% but mostly because of not following my own rules.

I don't know how to upload the modified supercalper indicator in here, but if you want it I can send it to you by email . Just email me at henry.latourrette [at] gmail dot com

Hi Emad, Oh, a completly new one? Or this one, just better ? :-)

I will wait.


HI thnx , still trade with it , but to be honest there is new strategy I work on it now waiting for the final decesion on it I beleive I'll finish it in the end of this week I belive it gonna be more strong :)
I'll put it next week . and the best way as I see signal to signal this is very dangerous market so hit& run freind :) , keep small daily profit better than huge profit and may lose for many days, right?

Hi Emad, nice Strategy, you still trade it?
What do you think is the best way, signal to signal or hard tp and sl?


guys there is files you have to download it superscalper & fisher = put it in indicators file in your metatrader , the template file = put it in template file , restart your platform , open chart 1M or 5M , right click choose the template

Anyone know where I can get hold of a version of "superscalper" to use on Marketscope?



I've downloaded the template, but I only see the SMA50/100. The superscalper is not visible? What's the problem?


I uploaded Superscalper-Template, but I only get teh sma 50 and 100. But not the superscalper himself with its Changing colors.



HI All
Henry good luck to you ,
No I don't know but I think there is no MT5 version , you can search in google and when find it please let me know.

Hello guys...sorry if my request sounds silly but how can I upload Super Scalper on my Metatrader platform?

Is there a version for mt5?

Hi ! thanks! I'm gonna try out this one. Looks promising.

Henry from Paraguay

I want to ask guys to all try this system , did any body have any suggestions that he feel it will be more good for the system ???


congratulation ..... go a head continue ... you know I'm working now to make this strategy work auto :)
happy hunting all


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