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Scalping system #22 (Simple scalping)

Submitted by Emad

Time frame: 1M , 5M

It's very simple strategy I used on 1M we use SuperScalper indicator and 100 SMA and 50 SMA.

- indicator superscalper05.ex4
- template
- indicator Fisher_Yur4ik.mq4
- indicator with mobile notifications: scalper_mobilealert.mq4

Rules are so simple:

BUY: when 50 SMA cross 100 SMA to up we just buy , SuperScalper change colour from yellow to blue we take buy ( T/P 10 pips, S/L 15 pips ) or we exit when the SuperScalper change the colour.

SELL: when 50 SMA cross 100 SMA to down we sell only, SuperScalper change colour from blue to yellow so we sell .

Note: when the price between the two moving average we don't trade there is no trend , and in SuperScalper we have to change ( skip single bar signal ) to true to avoid false signals.

Hello there; thanks for the system..I have downloaded the system..What are your results so far? I also like the alerts that come with this system..

Thanks for sharing
First of All the indicators truly sounds amazings
I wish you can explain it (surpersclaper05) more. What it is/How does it work.
I know you don't have to know how a car work to drive it, but still
Thanks a lot
Best Regards Benjamin

Sa marche pas

Thank you all for comments ,
* the results is good till now I work only during EUROPE and US session it's good move but not during news be carefully with that .
* really I don't know how the SuperScalper work but as I heard it's combined many indicator .

thank you all if you have any questions or suggestions so go ahead I'll be happy to heard it

Best Regards, and happy Pips for all


Last comment I don't know what is meaning ????
Please write it in English , thnx


thanks for sharing, just one a question , for you what's the best time to use this strategy?

Thank you as I said prefer to use in Europe & Us session not during the news release , so you have to stop when it coming news release and start after the news at least 10 minute


London session, by far my friend