Scalping system #19 (X-Scalper)

Submitted by Azim.

Just want to share a simple strategy that I use to trade on daily basis. It is similar to AzimXsystem, but the accuracy is far better because this system is designed to scalp the market. Since it is also based on EMA crossing, I named it

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Everyone on this forum trading these stupid strategies with some stupid Metatrasher4 bucket shop with their stupid $100 accounts is....stupid.

2-3 pip per trade? what about the spreads? i'm confuse the spread for one minute chart is the same for the weekly chart right? most spread are at least 16-70pips so why would you make a trade for 2-3 pips am I missing something? someone please clear this up for me thanks email [email protected]

Just like you =P

This system is sh*t.

Hi Azim, It's Awesome!!! Which Forex Broker are you using now?? Do you have Facebook?? Can we chat there?? Please feel free to add me. My name is Max Yeap. [email protected]

really helpful

high liverage = Closer to Margin call !!! Its true only when you trade with strategy like this ( without stop loss) and my dear friend apply proper money management with your trade. Liverage increases profit potential of each trade too ,and in such cases you are away from MC.


...It's closer to MC only if you trade large lots, which would be your fault, not the fault of a high leverage...

To find Support/Resistance use these indicators:
1. Support/Resistance MT4 indicators
2. Trend lines
3. Fibonacci
4. Pivot points
5. Ichimoku
6. Median Lines
7. Andrew's Pitchfork
8. Zigzag
9. Elliott Waves
10. S/R chart patterns



higher leverage = closer to MC
in my opinion

How can i identify support&resistance?

scalping is profitable only when you trade with high liverage and for that purpose you need tight stop loss . Scalp 2 or 3 pips with micro or mini lots ( which is showed by the author in his account history ) is wastage of time and its really foolishness , in my opinion .

do know the best stop loss ever? is just putting what u can afford to lose into account, e.g if what u have is $100 to trade, don't send the $100 to ur broker( brokers are good hunters), just send $2 0r $5 to them and enjoy ur scalping thrill... forget it scalping is the best for a retail trader... if u're interested in secrets of scalping PM.
[email protected]
The Great scalper !

Hi Azim:
Sorry was a bad typo but try this link and you will find the best programer. He knows his stuff as far as MQ4/5 EA programming and very helpful. ------->>

Hy Pheeque,

Ok,now I understand,I have compiled it for Metatrader4,that s the reason why i had so many errors.
By the way,the moderator must accept your post,and only after that,if nothing special,he will post it on this forum.



Hai Thanks for trying. Me & my friend (programmer) have some difficulties on S&R too. We're still trying to figure out how to implement the S&R.

Anyway fractals is too much detail in terms of finding SNR. The way I look at S&R is to search the 'Recent' Higher High,Higher Low(Uptrend) Lower High,Lower Low(downtrend). How about using zigzag or 'Swing_zz'?



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