Scalping system #19 (X-Scalper)

Submitted by Azim.

Just want to share a simple strategy that I use to trade on daily basis. It is similar to AzimXsystem, but the accuracy is far better because this system is designed to scalp the market. Since it is also based on EMA crossing, I named it

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Sorry Azim I'm not sure what you're saying here. The strategy as posted says M15 as the timeframe and you're also saying here that you use it on M15. Does your (extensive) testing of this strategy work ONLY on H1 as far as you've got with it? Also, what do you add up?

5-10 pips, TF 15 was not the original Timeframe. I use it on M15 so I just add it up


Hi - thanks for the rule check. Not sure why M15 was in the original strategy.

What constitutes a tiny candle? How small in pip size?


1.Check H1.
2.If EMA(5) > EMA(12) and RSI(14) > 50, continue.
3.Just check the H1 Timeframe and ignore the smaller timeframes.
4.If you're near a resistance line for long, don't trade.
5. Trading during 'active hours' means like during the london market open. just as long as the candles are not tiny which makes the EMA's are narrow to cross.

Hi, could I please confirm the rules for this, for long: (1) Check H1. If EMA(5) > EMA(12) and RSI(14) > 50, continue. (2) Check M15 or M5. If the same indicators apply, continue. (3) If you're near a resistance line for long, don't trade. (4) Trade if it's in the 'active hours' (what are they for UTC?)?
Thanks for the strategy and impressive looking results.


Got a couple of questions with regards to the brokers spread's. I've noticed there's a fifth decimal.
Wondering if you could email me at yq1hss(at)

Br Yousef

Total trades for this week:

All in total I have one loss, I tried to manually close since the price was too fast and it was up to +5pips, but the broker delayed my close order and I ended up with -1 pips.


I'm glad to hear that, Keep it up ^_^


Promising! Made some success.

One more thing I cannot guarantee it would be a total success. The reason is not because of the system but because of the user itself. As you know,different traders have different understanding of the market.



Yes! My system does not focus on R:R. It is more on to accuracy and the right timing of entry. I've been testing for nearly 5 months plus and the results are amazing. The only thing for the user of this system must have a great understanding of Support and Resistance. You can use without moving average to enter the trades too. The EMA purpose is just for clear visual to enter the market.

Regarding the loss/win ratio of my testing during demo, I would say around 90-95%. Just trade during active hours.


Here we go, just got an update from Azim (live account):

P.S. to Azim: please leave your name under further comments, so that we can identify your replies.
Thank you once gain for a wonderful strategy!

Happy trading!

Yes there is no 100% strategy, to cut the losses, every trader has different technique. Well I would recommend by looking at smaller timeframes.

For instance, you make your entry(long) at H1. Look at the smaller Timeframe such as 5mins or 15mins. So When you're in a long position, apply your basics, when the trend is up, price is making Higher High and Higher Low. Once the price is making a Lower Low, you know the price is weakening. cut your loss then.

Once again, personally I don't use stop losses. I would recommend to stick at one or two pairs(GBP/USD, EUR/USD).

Yes I mean 2-3 pips, not 20-30 pips. Someone would say 'OHH this is a disaster' but it's up to individual, it just works for me'.

I've been making a lot of testing and got the idea from 'simple balanced system'and make a few changes.

Peltzy - If you use Metatrader 4 and set your TP automatically using the 'points', it will show different values since it calculates from the 'current price'.

If you set it manually, and insert the price rate of your TP, then all the profit would EXACTLY be the same amount with your pips. (which i will show you with my live a/c statement) Going to send it at Edward.


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